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  1. Hello everyone, i want a python loader to 'load' a py file without restarting my client, please. Thank you.
  2. From where i can get granny 2.12 sdk files to implement? http://www.radgametools.com/granny/changelog.html
  3. Is good, but it's still deleting "visually" on affect bar (left top) after teleport, icons reappear.
  4. Hi everyone, i want to delete the "affect delete" on purple and green potion. I found this but i don't understand. void CHARACTER::ClearAffect(bool bSave) { TAffectFlag afOld = m_afAffectFlag; WORD wMovSpd = GetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED); WORD wAttSpd = GetPoint(POINT_ATT_SPEED); itertype(m_list_pkAffect) it = m_list_pkAffect.begin(); while (it != m_list_pkAffect.end()) { CAffect * pkAff = *it; if (bSave) { if ( IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT(pkAff->dwType) || IS_NO_SAVE_AFFECT(pkAff->dwType) ) { ++it; continue; } if (IsPC()) { SendAffectRemov
  5. And if i change my name directly from navicat? I think is better using pid instead of name
  6. Hello everyone, tell me a hint how to modify the player.messenger_list to work via pid instead of player names, because some players changes their names and friends list is gone.
  7. A game source backdoor i think, it's the most common.
  8. Hi again community, i saw some years ago a tutorial on a closed community (i think kori-developer, sorry for claim) how to automatically set guild to level 20, 19000 points when you create it via Guardian. If someone have this tutorial, i'm really happy if he can paste here. Thank everyone.
  9. static constexpr auto DiscordClientID = "670384865832498563";
  10. I will try that and i will come back with a response. Thank you.
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