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  1. Hello, I have a problem with energy system. After using mount my bonuses from crystal are doubled. Like in this topic: Could someone help me with that? Regards
  2. Hello. How can i open .spt files? I need to know name of the tree textures but i cant find it. Can i check name of texture with other method?
  3. Hello. I would like to buy solution for bug with shaman att speed(on horse). Please PM me
  4. Serach in guild files in src. Gold/Price you forgot to change it.
  5. LMAO123


    Its normal:) just replace the price with price which you want*5=price in item_proto. if you want to sell item for 100.000 you must write 500.000 in item proto.
  6. Or something wrong in uitooltip. Show us your client syserr
  7. So can you send me this? Or tel me which file i should looking for? I cant find this file. Best regards.
  8. I know ;p But which func? Are you sure it is this func? case POINT_ATT_SPEED: min_limit = 0; if (IsPC()) limit = 170; else limit = 250; break; I don't think so.
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