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  1. Hello, I have a problem with energy system. After using mount my bonuses from crystal are doubled. Like in this topic: Could someone help me with that? Regards
  2. Hello. How can i open .spt files? I need to know name of the tree textures but i cant find it. Can i check name of texture with other method?
  3. Hello. I would like to buy solution for bug with shaman att speed(on horse). Please PM me
  4. Serach in guild files in src. Gold/Price you forgot to change it.
  5. Or something wrong in uitooltip. Show us your client syserr
  6. So can you send me this? Or tel me which file i should looking for? I cant find this file. Best regards.
  7. I know ;p But which func? Are you sure it is this func? case POINT_ATT_SPEED: min_limit = 0; if (IsPC()) limit = 170; else limit = 250; break; I don't think so.
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