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  1. EterPack\EterPack.cpp
  2. You need to change %s to %d You are calling an integer
  3. If you want to delete NPC on map you can go on server to /germany/map. Later choose map where you need to delete NPC and clear file npc.txt Best Regards.
  4. Check on Config.cpp 192.168 and change it to 999.999 later add in CONFIG BIND_IP: ipvps
  5. You can learn with Youtube. Write 'How to create Metin2 p.server' It's basic
  6. Stupid python that do /x 1 /x 0 ... Best Regards.
  7. You can use SQL. Later convert it (SQL-->TXT) and use a dump_proto for (TXT-->CLIENT)
  8. If you have got pong you can't play with other launcher. You need right launcher for login. If with other launcher works,use it ahahha
  9. I don't understand what you need
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