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  1. Version o Files : 2019 Hello guys, I see the effect that other character but not on the character concerned, do you have any idea what function does it come from? Thanks advance for help
  2. SYSERR: Aug 4 13:30:38 :: UseMobSkill: No skill hit data for mob Captain Huashin index 0 SYSERR: Aug 4 13:31:14 :: UseMobSkill: No skill hit data for mob Captain Huashin index 1 Syserr socket_accept: accept: Software caused connection abort (fd 12) Syserr Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 29 (fd 20) I search, check everything about these errors, but nothing changes, someone know how to fix them ?
  3. mob_proto.txt problem only maybe you have edit mob proto with excel
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a solution to compile without problems, but in my opinion a piece of Koray code does not seem to be compatible with vc90 Projects, so visual studio 2008, did anyone an idea to solve that ?
  5. works thanks, but there is this error in syserr (channel1) when i click in button to switch visible/invisible Input: no quest running for pc, cannot process input : 50
  6. Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get LONG LONG yang problem ?
  7. need to add 2 lines in server source it easy
  8. char_battle.cpp char.cpp : UpdateAligment put all to 0
  9. I already done specular and shining for costume ^^ thanks dark but i mean for the costume weapon I add shining in the binary for my weapon but, the effect doesn't disappear :/ my code in the binary :
  10. sorry not understand can you explain more ?
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