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  1. well then can you write the serverside part plz @xP3NG3Rx
  2. Hi I' did @xP3NG3Rx fix for item move bug , but still not fully fixed PythonGridSlotWindow.cpp BOOL CGridSlotWindow::CheckMoving(DWORD dwSlotNumber, DWORD dwItemIndex, const std::list<TSlot*> & c_rSlotList) { if (m_dwSlotStyle != SLOT_STYLE_PICK_UP) return TRUE; WORD wCellMaxPerPage = m_SlotVector.size(); while (dwSlotNumber >= wCellMaxPerPage) dwSlotNumber -= wCellMaxPerPage; for (std::list<TSlot*>::const_iterator itor = c_rSlotList.begin(); itor != c_rSlotList.end(); ++itor) { TSlot* pSlot = *itor; if (dwSlotNumber == pSlot->
  3. Hi View days ago there was a topic for some person who was selling " search box system " and some other systems , but now i can't find his topic i think it got deleted plz if you know that guy skype or his account in metin2dev plz write down
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