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  1. https://paste.ubuntu.com/24760441/Especially thx to Vegas
  2. Ty for trying to decrypt my client, bun i'm using FoxFS
  3. he is talking about start with argument, like start metin2client.bin --argument
  4. compare with kraizy and if has name like acce sash delete it
  5. Just don't lose time explaining anything to this kid, it's a retarded romanian gypsy poor guy
  6. Does sbdy have libjpeg-6b.lib compiled on vs2015, or do you know how to fix this ? http://prntscr.com/cvxa8m
  7. It's a shitty provider with 0 ddos protection. Their services = 0
  8. Show me a link or give me the fix if it's published, thx ps: da-mi rezolvarea ca aia am eu nevoie
  9. It's there any kind of fix for this hack guys? If you need to see the files of the hack, i can give it to you unpacked, but i can't post the hack here cuz' of the forum rulz
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