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  1. I know it's already 2 years that have been passed, but is there a solution for that thing finally or it's still not public? Because now I'm facing the same problem and I just start to give up with this system. Can someone help me with it? I didn't want to open a new thread for this question.
  2. Hey there, I have a bit of problem with the alignment refresh. The problem is that it "crashes" and doesn't show the numbers as it should. Pics of err: Can someone help me with it? Here the syserr: game.py ( line 610 ): interfaceModule.py ( line 801 ): uiCharacter.py ( line 584 ): uiToolTip.py ( line 150 ): Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey there, can somebody help me that how can I disable the Lycan on the client side? I searched in constinfo.py but there is no mention of it that it's enabled. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. The way Shogun told worked. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hey there, i have a problem with the Devil's Catacomb: until the boss room everything is fine ( even the quest is working ), but in the boss room it's not possible to move with the character. Can someone help me that where can be the problem? Client and Chanel 99 syserr doesn't mention anything. I checked that both in client side and server side map_property is the same ( even the map size is 8 - 8 ). Never had such a problem like this that I can get into it, but i'm not able to move inside. Any help would be apprecieted. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys! I tried to repair my account table, but it keeps saying that it's marked as crashed. Last time I used a query to fix the item table, but I lost that query somewhere. Can someone tell me what to do now?
  7. Questscroll5.quest training_grand_master_skill.quest main_quest_lv14.quest levelup.quest hair.quest deviltower_zone.quest
  8. Hey guys! I have a problem in my questlua_global.cpp. This keeps crashin' my CH1 after a while and other Channels random. What is the problem, and how can I fix it? Many thanks.
  9. Hey guys. I changed my lzo in my files and could manage to make it that nothing errors in the syserr, but now my client keeps crashing. Syserr is empty, but Error log is doin' something. Anyone have something useful I can do with it? ( As I log in the loading bar going full, I get to see where my char is, but before I could see my char, the client crashes. )
  10. Deleted the game.core files, but the problem is still up. The bootlog is kinda suspicious because it's the same you just put in pastebin, but still says that it's wrong. Character is still stuck. Edit: Finally managed to get something useful(?) in the syserr:
  11. Sorry for bother in your topic, I had the same problem but now all fixed at reg.php. Seems like there is something wrong in my account db since it says: May I get a bit of help that what should I do now? ( Sorry again, but didn't want to create a new topic since this one helped me in the begining of my register.php problem. ) Never mind! Got it finally.
  12. Hey guys! Recently I got a problem with my 40k server file. If I'm on CH1 and I type /go t my character get stuck in temple, but if I go to CH2 and log in there is no problem. Every single map is effected by this stuck thingy except map1-map2. The CH1 config map allow is the same as the CH2 one. Here are the syserrs: CH1: Auth: Anyone got something I can do with it?
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