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  1. Kori

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    Only this code works? Or I need the other too?
  2. Kori

    [RLS]Chat Slow Mode

    It's a really good idea But I need first update my source to c++11 for using this..
  3. Kori

    EterNexus Src

    https://gyazo.com/b38f8381db931f615db62b88efce0f6c Load a compiled version from Manager and put in the dll files and its work
  4. Kori


    I think @Ikarus_ and Yiv or Chuck knows too all people are really good Developer with a gread knowlange about c++ Edit: @Vanilla i think too
  5. Kori

    solved [How²] use a vrunner ?

    Simple solution with a script Check pid is running : If running do nothing If not running then start Create a cron and done I have done this for 2-3 years without problems
  6. You sell this? You post here "I have a fix, but I don't share" you need new costumers? Or what ist the Pont to post here without helping
  7. Kori

    c++ Auto Announcements

    Why you can't say what is your error?
  8. A button for version number?
  9. Kori


    1. Yiv
    2. Kori


      Hehe melde dich mal wenn du zeit hast 


  10. Kori

    open Memory corruption

    Shop search is really hard For every search a request to the database like 20 guys search = 20 requests Im not sore but check this
  11. Kori

    solved mysql to mariadb.. HELP

    For using Mariadb for Metin2 you don't need change anything in the Source
  12. Kori

    Please nooooooo

    Sorry what is here the feedback? We live in 2019 and anybody have problems with gays or lesbians sorry I can't understand @Raylee
  13. Kori

    open Runtime error after editing localeinfo

    Please use sublime or a other editor bit notepad++
  14. Kori

    python Loading Gauge Improvement

    I have add on my files thanks works great
  15. Kori

    open Costume mount visual bug

    Thanks but it's only with speed pots. The pot : 71050 Type : ITEM_USE SubType : USE_ABILITY_UP Makes stocking With shoes : Type : ITEM_UNIQUE Subtybe : UNIQUE_NONE No bug? This is the funny part and it's not only with weapons it's with all costume parts