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  1. Kori

    [C++] White textures fix

    You can delete the lod data and works too but with source its a good solution
  2. This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  3. Kori

    {BUG} Mobile Dark Theme

    You mean it's normal for the guests a bug to present? I think not
  4. Kori

    python Whisper Start Warning

    What is that? I can understand the text
  5. Kori

    ymir beta skills

    Webp is not compatible with your browser version
  6. Kori

    looking for AUTOPATCHER

    Google : M2 patch generator Or use here https://www.google.com/search?q=patch+generator+m2&oq=patch+generator+m2&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.7071j0j7&client=ms-android-huawei-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Idk I can post the link
  7. Kori

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    You can try to add a bypass for log this with regex Here is a example http://txt2re.com/index-c++.php3?s=|?whisper_renewal<|&3&-1 // URL that generated this code: // http://txt2re.com/index-c++.php3?s=|?whisper_renewal<|&3&-1 #include <stdlib.h> #include <string> #include <iostream> #include <pme.h> int main() { std::string txt="|?whisper_renewal<|"; std::string re1=".*?"; // Non-greedy match on filler std::string re2="(whisper_renewal)"; // Variable Name 1 PME re(re1+re2,"gims"); int n; if ((n=re.match(txt))>0) { std::string var1=re[1].c_str(); std::cout << "("<<var1<<")"<< std::endl; } } //----- // C++ does not provide a regular expression feature as standard. // // To run this code you will need to first download and install // the PCRE library from http://www.pcre.org/ and // the PME library from ftp://ftp.csx.cam.ac.uk/pub/software/programming/pcre/Contrib/ // // Note that on Linux systems PCRE is often already installed in /usr/lib/libpcre* or /usr/local/lib/libpcre*. // // Compile and run on Unix using // # c++ x.cpp -lpme -lpcre // # ./a.out With c++11 is easy with std::regex
  8. Yes Why not is nice thanks
  9. Hei you have discord? Please add me


  10. And what is the difference between the two versions? I know the 11 is newer then 7 but is this the fix for load newer pages?
  11. Nice Thanks @Koray Please contact me thanks
  12. Kori

    Can you please send me message in discord Kori#7056 

    1. Koray


      check your discord

  13. Kori

    What OS you ran your server on?

    DragonFlyBSD is a good os for run Metin2 FREEBSD is a good compile OS ( performance little bit better then dragon)
  14. Kori

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Really nice work now the armor then is perfectly