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  1. Kori


    No the fix is included I use the code and it's work
  2. Kori


    BOOL CInstanceBase::IsBoss() { const CPythonNonPlayer::TMobTable *pkTab = CPythonNonPlayer::Instance().GetTable(GetRace()); if(pkTab != nullptr) { if (pkTab->bRank >= 4 && !IsStone() && pkTab->bType == 0) return TRUE; } return FALSE; } Works too
  3. Kori


    Say me the better way hahah
  4. Kori


    Not bad I have searched this last days but now I have without extra image
  5. Kori


    I'm not the best in lua I have search for you in Google for a random function. You can make a quest and with this function local myTable = { "one", "two", "three","four"} local keyset = {} for k in pairs(myTable) do table.insert(keyset, k) end random_elem = myTable[keyset[math.random(#keyset)]] print(random_elem) You can use the myTable for the vnums
  6. Kori


    Why not?
  7. Kori

    Really good idea I want
  8. Kori


    Look in your libthecore/src for the log.c And check this https://pastebin.com/3gxB0gYz Thanks mate
  9. Kori


    Thanks to @Moț he have fixed my problem in in the log.c a simple check for file existing or not
  10. Kori


    Yes I can when I'm at home actually I'm on work please look after 5.30am I edit my topic then
  11. Dear Metin2dev community, I have updated my source from gcc49 to gcc7. The tutorial is from here https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Update-C-Status I use the vdi with gcc7 update and my source compile without problems but when I start my server I become connection refused and a dot core data I have here a gdb output Here is the bt full report https://paste2.org/pg9nnA2B And here only the bt (gdb) bt #0 0x080a9713 in log_file_check (logfile=0x0) at log.c:345 #1 0x080a9cb7 in log_rotate () at log.c:109 #2 0x0806f185 in CClientManager::MainLoop (this=0xbfbfe9d8) at ClientManager.cpp:191 #3 0x08055e8c in main () at Main.cpp:89 (gdb) I hope we can fix this Have a great day The files https://workupload.com/archive/2EKyK25
  12. Kori

  13. Kori


    Wow nice I think with a little knowledge we can create a better snow or rain animation for some maps and the drop animation with effect are really nice but I think when you have a big drop with ~30 dropps is the effect so hard or?
  14. Kori

    Vagas payd systems have bugs = the biggest bullshit in this year. When you don't have the knowledge to implement systems from a tutorial then is that not a scam sorry Vegas makes good work
  15. Kori


    You need install FreeBSD on your laptop yes With ifconfig you see the IP from the laptop and you can connect with ssh to this in your network