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  1. Kori

    Im buying patcher

    You can use the free one from me Yes I need reactivate my domain xd
  2. You will use the function like offical to show on the item : You can add more bonus like 6/7?
  3. Kori

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    For me crash client too
  4. Kori

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    Your repo link not work
  5. Then don't save your server the changes you need a faster flush
  6. Sorry I don't understand why you share a tutorial or system with us when your gif or the system too with a effect error?
  7. Many changes and it's work with long long
  8. Kori

    open which offline shop system?

    @Ikarus_ offline Shop
  9. Kori


    Really nice Thanks mate
  10. Kori

    [C++][FIX] Scale of Sash & Official Pet

    Some sash systems have this what for a system you use? Lennt 0.3? With define sash or acce?
  11. Kori

    solved [question] about pet EVOLUTION !

    I can understand @Raylee rules are rules.
  12. In my opinion I don't remove the packet encryption and I can't find lags on my server but your screen is a good thing I will test @flexio
  13. Kori

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    Only this code works? Or I need the other too?