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  1. .colossus.

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Got the same poblem...found no solution
  2. .colossus.

    plz help me game.core debug

    Did you check your stl_algo.h or where it´s using aiEmpireUserCount
  3. .colossus.

    Gamecore take ages to start

    Hello, I recognized a hughe slow down of the game after i increadsed the maximum yang. The gamecore takes around 2 minutes to initalize (load all quests, mobs ,etc) Any ideas whats wrong? PTS: ProfileLog:
  4. .colossus.

    [C++]Full Costume Mount system

    when i click on a mount it doesn´t go in any slot. any ideas what is wrong?
  5. .colossus.

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    Has anyone the new 2 runs unpacked?
  6. .colossus.

    Vanilla Source

    Would be nice if someone can reupload it or send me the link with a private message.
  7. .colossus.

    Problem 5th Character/select

    Hello, Got a small error on the characterselect. The character on the 5th slot is invisible and the syserr doen´t have any related output which helps me to solve this error. Hope you have some tips.
  8. .colossus.

    [HowTo]Individual Sword effects/new Refine-tier

    Perfect...was too fool to search for it.
  9. Hello, I compiled myself the binary and game. I followed the tutorial and the 4 Inventory slots are working without any Problem. I just got 1 weired error: As u can see the Equipment slots don´t show the equiped items. What do you think causes this error?
  10. .colossus.

    Forest Mobs - Silver Edition

    Hey, the archive is damaged. Can you reupload it?