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  1. Listen, I know that .... But how to add it in one command to have 3 maps and not one omg, I think you have autism if (GetMapIndex() != 1 || GetMapIndex() != 21 || GetMapIndex() != 41) it does not work if (GetMapIndex() != 1,21,41) - it doesn't work either I can't fish on any map at all times
  2. I didn't mean it ... I want to add 3 maps only with number 1/21/41
  3. do you know how to add? if (GetMapIndex() != 1 || GetMapIndex() != 21 || GetMapIndex() != 41) does not work but if there is one function it works
  4. santa12

    open Fishing only on 1 map

  5. I have it but I am looking for something else that I used to have but lost worked the opposite way blocked all maps and typed on which map you can only fish what you have sent works so that I have to manually lock every map and I don't want to do it anyway
  6. hello anyone knows how to block fishing on other maps?
  7. santa12

    open turning off object transparencys

    I have it but it is for the trees I wrote I mean the rest of the objects. I tried to add an background.SetTransparentObject(0); but nothing worked tree works fine but unfortunately no objects
  8. hello i turned off trees transparency but i don't know how to turn off objects transparency. Can anyone know how to turn it off?
  9. santa12

    open dragging items trade [Problem]

    Nothing ;d if I had a syserr, I would fix it myself
  10. hello could anyone have a similar problem? It's not important, but I'm going to fix it does anyone know where is the function that suits it ? sample movie
  11. hello, I started to learn clienta coding but I do not know where I can change the setting of these warriors tests every function in turn, but I can not find ;/ I want to change their setting in the client
  12. santa12

    open Problem with fishing animation

    I do not understand you, the location is 100% compatible I also restored from clean files and the same I also tested on another client and also the same strange bug possibly some problem in source but also I compared other files to mine and in my opinion everything is well and you still do not see anything ;/
  13. Hello, I will say straight away that this is not the fault of animation in files and I checked every file and code and in my opinion everything is fine as on standard files the problem occurs on every class (warrior, ninja,shaman etc.) of the syser and logs there are none I recorded the whole problem