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  1. carlosgaming


    can you show me the link of this switchbot on sale?
  2. carlosgaming


    i m searching this switchbot, we can pay if necessary !
  3. carlosgaming


  4. carlosgaming


    Hello,when i try pack the txt of mob proto , today give me this error"sight: 2000 color 0[(null)]"I do rollback of all files, and continue!I dont do anything, someone can help me solve this error?
  5. carlosgaming


    how you solve this? i have this error too
  6. carlosgaming

    link off. reupload pls
  7. I have this zombie costumes
  8. Hello comunity, I´m searching one professional/ good coder for do one multilanguage sistem for my Server. Requirements: -Have to change language in login interface; -Have to can translate: protos, locale_string.txt, translate.lua (Quests), and cliente locale(locale_game.txt, locale_interface.txt and etc...) -In chat show the name of country and a mini banner of country. Payment with Paypal or Bank Transfer. Without bugs. If you have or can do this send me a PM With the best regards
  9. carlosgaming

    pm me i have. Full withou bugs
  10. carlosgaming

    PM me