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  1. TuneX

    Mushroom dungeon

    very good +1
  2. TuneX

    ERROR Shop Offline [Syserr]

    module' object has no attribute 'GET_ITEM_QUESTION_DIALOG_STATUS' check it again that is the error and also File "", line 2640, in BINARY_OfflineShop_Appear 0303 00:21:24314 :: File "", line 1328, in AppearOfflineShop
  3. thnx but i that is already fixed months ago
  4. TuneX

    a little problem

    open in root/ Search : def GetBasePosition(self): self.SetPosition(bx + 138, by); return x - 148, y + 241 change here
  5. TuneX

    Eterhost: your oppinion

    Ovidiu Mares || Staff 07/11/2016 22:32 Dear Alexander, Sorry for the delay in processing your order. Your order was not completed untill now because I wanted to clarify some things with you first. Where are you hosting the website for wich you are intending to buy the domain for? I am asking you this because the procedure for registering the domain is different if you are hosting somewhere else and you are buying just the domain with us. As soon as I will get the info for you the order will be accepted and completed. Awaiting you response. Best regards, Ovidiu Andrei Mares Senior System Admin Eterhost Not recomended 3 days waiting for answers and they say me this -__-" @Shogun do it better service
  6. TuneX


    Any reupload ? please
  7. Anybody can help me this error please thnx
  8. Hi, I have problem with OFFLINESHOP by Ken last one i explain it .... First i open the offline is working 100% but when i want to Close shop, Change time, Remove item, or Change price that all buttons dosen`t work i don`t know why in my Same Source same files Without SASH SYSTEM Version is working 100% the offlineshop but here not In this PIC i marked as RED the buttons are not working Here when i click any buttons i marked as red is Shutodwn my cliente and give me this sysser error 0927 02:43:33178 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:43:41263 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:43:42737 :: 󸮵ÇÁö ¾ÊÀº ÆÐŶ Çì´õ 192, state Game 0927 02:43:46290 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:44:53235 :: Unknown packet header: 226, last: 47 1 I already check all the Packet.h of client and source is all perfectly Every Time i try to click in any of those buttones i mark in red Client give me alway DIFERENT unknown Packet header 105 etc etc some times Packet header 12 some times 55 etc etc Always diferent ... Please i`m sure you will help to ffix it i will pay for it if anybody can help me I leave my skype here or you contact me by PM : skype: removed by administration
  9. TuneX

    Help with this any person can help me ?
  10. TuneX

    Help me with this

    i try it also but still equip the weapon
  11. TuneX

    Help me with this

    The error u can see i have not equip any Weapon but my CHAR have Weapon already
  12. TuneX

    Help me with this

    Hey dev, Anybody can help me fix this error
  13. TuneX

    Looking for Map maker

    I`m not a dog I will not recommend to you for any people because you didn`t solve us that mobs i buy from you!
  14. TuneX

    Looking for Map maker

    @Lynx ? i don`t recommend this