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  1. TuneX

    Mushroom dungeon

    very good +1
  2. TuneX

    ERROR Shop Offline [Syserr]

    module' object has no attribute 'GET_ITEM_QUESTION_DIALOG_STATUS' check it again that is the error and also File "game.py", line 2640, in BINARY_OfflineShop_Appear 0303 00:21:24314 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 1328, in AppearOfflineShop
  3. thnx but i that is already fixed months ago
  4. TuneX

    a little problem

    open in root/uiinventory.py Search : def GetBasePosition(self): self.SetPosition(bx + 138, by); return x - 148, y + 241 change here
  5. TuneX

    Eterhost: your oppinion

    Ovidiu Mares || Staff 07/11/2016 22:32 Dear Alexander, Sorry for the delay in processing your order. Your order was not completed untill now because I wanted to clarify some things with you first. Where are you hosting the website for wich you are intending to buy the domain for? I am asking you this because the procedure for registering the domain is different if you are hosting somewhere else and you are buying just the domain with us. As soon as I will get the info for you the order will be accepted and completed. Awaiting you response. Best regards, Ovidiu Andrei Mares Senior System Admin Eterhost Not recomended 3 days waiting for answers and they say me this -__-" @Shogun do it better service
  6. TuneX


    Any reupload ? please
  7. Anybody can help me this error please thnx
  8. Hi, I have problem with OFFLINESHOP by Ken last one i explain it .... First i open the offline is working 100% but when i want to Close shop, Change time, Remove item, or Change price that all buttons dosen`t work i don`t know why in my Same Source same files Without SASH SYSTEM Version is working 100% the offlineshop but here not In this PIC i marked as RED the buttons are not working http://prntscr.com/cmrljh Here when i click any buttons i marked as red is Shutodwn my cliente and give me this sysser error 0927 02:43:33178 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:43:41263 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:43:42737 :: 󸮵ÇÁö ¾ÊÀº ÆÐŶ Çì´õ 192, state Game 0927 02:43:46290 :: OfflineShopResult(0) 0927 02:44:53235 :: Unknown packet header: 226, last: 47 1 I already check all the Packet.h of client and source is all perfectly Every Time i try to click in any of those buttones i mark in red Client give me alway DIFERENT unknown Packet header 105 etc etc some times Packet header 12 some times 55 etc etc Always diferent ... Please i`m sure you will help to ffix it i will pay for it if anybody can help me I leave my skype here or you contact me by PM : skype: removed by administration
  9. TuneX

    Help with this

    http://prntscr.com/ckfma0 any person can help me ?
  10. TuneX

    Help me with this

    i try it also but still equip the weapon
  11. TuneX

    Help me with this

    The error u can see i have not equip any Weapon but my CHAR have Weapon already
  12. TuneX

    Help me with this

    Hey dev, Anybody can help me fix this error http://prntscr.com/cj88jd
  13. TuneX

    Looking for Map maker

    I`m not a dog I will not recommend to you for any people because you didn`t solve us that mobs i buy from you!
  14. TuneX

    Looking for Map maker

    @Lynx ? i don`t recommend this