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  1. Zonni

    Character death event

    I just recompiled whole source & quest and this works without any problem ^^ btw. i think you should correct your tabs (sorry, i know i give to you badly format of code but i haven't so much time to correct whitespaces) void CQuestManager::Dead(unsigned int pc, unsigned int npc) { PC * pPC; sys_log(0, "CQuestManager::OnDead QUEST_DEAD_EVENT (pc=%d, npc=%d)", pc, npc); if ((pPC = GetPC(pc))) { if (!CheckQuestLoaded(pPC)) return; m_mapNPC[npc].OnDead(*pPC); if (m_mapNPC[QUEST_NO_NPC].OnDead(*pPC)) return; } else sys_err("QUEST: no such pc id : %d", pc); } should work.
  2. Zonni

    Character death event

    questmanager.cpp - in bool CQuestManager::Initialize() add m_mapEventName.insert(TEventNameMap::value_type("dead", QUEST_DEAD_EVENT)); - add void CQuestManager::Dead(unsigned int pc, unsigned int npc) { PC * pPC; sys_log(0, "CQuestManager::OnDead QUEST_DEAD_EVENT (pc=%d, npc=%d)", pc, npc); if ((pPC = GetPC(pc))) { if (!CheckQuestLoaded(pPC)) return; m_mapNPC[npc].OnDead(*pPC); if (m_mapNPC[QUEST_NO_NPC].OnDead(*pPC)) return; } else sys_err("QUEST: no such pc id : %d", pc); } quest.h [second enum] (add after QUEST_ITEM_INFORMER_EVENT,) QUEST_DEAD_EVENT, questnpc.h bool NPC::OnDead(PC & pc) { if (m_vnum) return HandleEvent(pc, QUEST_DEAD_EVENT); else return HandleReceiveAllEvent(pc, QUEST_DEAD_EVENT); } char_battle.cpp in CHARACTER::Dead add if(pkKiller && IsPC()) { pkKiller->SetQuestNPCID(GetVID()); quest::CQuestManager::instance().Dead(GetPlayerID(), pkKiller->GetPlayerID()); } sorry for format but it should work if you add missing functions in .h files btw. that's not my work, anyway it's really easy to create events like this.
  3. Zonni

    [BUG]Horse restart after login

    @Benhero says good thing, something doesn't show up. Did you checked the horse_level is initialized? You know, this is extraordinary bug, and you must do this while you changing something in source. Good practice is making backup of files (if you want some batch script just tell) because you can easily check what you do wrong. Anyway, i tell you what you must do. 1. Check how horse_stamina binding to your horse from database to last function which give this information to client. Check everything, every function, every variable, just as i said, everything. (in this way you'll learn how this made, i recommend to you to use rubber duck debugging (if you don't know what is this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging ) 2. Repeat this steps but with horse_level, check everything. you figure out what's wrong, but this take some time. Sorry, there isn't easy way to figure out, nobody without your source don't want to help you, someone can help you via TeamViewer of course but... cost, you know how it works. Even better is to figure out by yourself because you can learn something
  4. Zonni

    Python file extractor height.raw

    Nope, just height.raw doesn't unpack, all files from the other .epk unpacks right.
  5. Zonni

    Python file extractor height.raw

    Grab it from the ogher one server ex. WoM (they have same keys as global), but in their files this patches are unprotected (i'm preety sure, you'll unpack DC without problems ^^). In other way, you can use files from this package. http://www.mediafire.com/download/4qdaa7ceoh1h8eu/The+Devil%27s+Catacomb.rar As far as I remember i can't unpack height.raw from DC too and i used this files from archive which i post up. I don't know wy, but ScriptStealer can't extract height from DC. Link source: http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-pserver-guides-strategies/2063156-release-devils-catacomb-full-entbuggt.html
  6. Zonni

    Strange Problem - 2k89_M

    Omg, someone's still using 2089 O.o I think you mess something in client ^^ Check steps what you've done in editing root or something
  7. Ok, you can hook pvp command function and make this command work as you want. Easier? No, but this isn't hard.
  8. Zonni


    U can't. No one released tool for this yet.
  9. Zonni

    New game interface

    Decrase font size to 12 and every should be fine.
  10. I think SageThumbs will be good to mark on this list, it show thumb for all kind of graphic file. https://code.google.com/p/sagethumbs/
  11. Zonni

    [QUESTION] How to edit .DDS files ?

    Really hard to find in 2D Graphics...
  12. SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM player.player WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 10 MINUTE) < last_play;Omg... I'm using this... in 2009
  13. Zonni

    Resistant Body mainline released bug

    I would apreciate if you tell me how to rezolve this bug . Thanks in advance. Don't allow to set affect on player twice (after use skill), you can leave only the player allow to extend his skill time or whatever you want. char_skill.cpp i think
  14. Zonni

    Metin2 "Dark Dragon" Render ?

    I know it's late but... ;d https://mega.co.nz/#!f5E2hDpK!BgTBhRZVsnKHJVeTvKbJoEhQ5wdDRrcvkY34hwJTAYc https://mega.co.nz/#!CxswSBZI!CK3_lpFKpjbS6UEf1uutuPDHEZpQzeybNMAgn7Y6C3g https://mega.co.nz/#!2pMRmTpQ!T9Rm64Qt0rdTuyZSVDSOX3nu-EctoZqiHvpz4OQXfIE https://mega.co.nz/#!C8lBiapL!shm1QT_LGmchadUTPOC3vrLfJ5NYsVR5xnCk5ottrR0 https://mega.co.nz/#!K0FAVbxR!xw6DtpfEWtUf6y8W7w3ftE9J96Eeg27-I82M2b5NlK4 by @NyBu
  15. Zonni

    [HowTo] Unpack official patches

    rut.7z http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/93983047/file.html I applied @xP3NG3Rx method so unpacking won't be a problem. Serverinfo points to polish server Samos (but you can easy change that in serverinfo)