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  1. Tallywa


    Hello, i have remplaced all my fonction for dynamic python but now i have this error 0113 23:56:17572 :: File " 0113 23:56:17572 :: game.py 0113 23:56:17572 :: ", line 0113 23:56:17572 :: 3055 0113 23:56:17572 :: 0113 23:56:17572 :: 0113 23:56:17572 :: player = __import__(pythonApi.GetModuleName("player")) as ch
  2. Tallywa


    if you use koray shop is normal, is not a bug
  3. Hello, i have problem with this system, after open shop battle zone, I have a display bug, which displays the price in combat points in all the other shops, as well as the area with the points that I can use
  4. Tallywa


    i have fix this problem
  5. Hello, i have problem with shop deco for great offline shop, when system is active, cant use ctrl + a, and all scroll quest is hide and i cant show i dont know why
  6. Tallywa


  7. Tallywa


    Yes i know but, is not good, when fonction koray, gold in safebox are always 0 after a purchase
  8. Tallywa


    same problem in inventory image dont move or image empty
  9. Hello, i have problem with great offline shop, when i buy one item, this one comes well in my inventory, but, it remains in the shopoffline it does not update in real time, I am forced to leave and to reopen so that the item is no longer there, I don't understand why
  10. Hello, I'm using DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("UPDATE player_shop SET gold=gold + %lld WHERE id=%d", dwPrice, m_pkPC->GetPrivShop()); in my shop.cpp function buy, I would like to modify it so that "gold" go in safebox column gold. Do you have any idea how to modify the request for that please?
  11. Tallywa


    price in cheque doesent apparear in offlineshop by great
  12. Tallywa

    oh oki, i have resolve for transmut, but is complicat for multi price I'm going to eat, and I'm available in an hour and a half
  13. Hello, i search multi price for great offline shop, i pay for this
  14. Hello, I am looking for a fix for transmutation in the offline shop great