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  1. i have bug, with only mob drop in database i have 0 drop ingame, and with command /reload d i have this error *Process: in InputDB: UNKNOWN HEADER: 184, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 171117, DESC: 14*
  2. Tallywa

    open [BUG]Special storage system

  3. Tallywa

    open [BUG]Special storage system

  4. Tallywa

    open [BUG]Special storage system

  5. Tallywa

    open [BUG]Special storage system

  6. Hello everyone, here I have a problem. Let me explain, my items go well in the special inventory, but when I deco reco the items disappear. After a reboot the items reappear. I do not understand why I have this bug.
  7. Tallywa

    open [BUG] Special Storage

    Hello, what is the fix
  8. Bump, i cant compile client with vs 2017 with this system, but i can compile with vs 2013. I can compile client with vs 2017 without system.
  9. thanks you i have solved, but i have two probleme, i cant show alignement number in character page, and i cant compile client source with visual studio 2015 error xmemory0
  10. I have an error in the character's page, we do not see the name of the rank and the points
  11. Hello, i have two probleme with script python on contact systeme, My first problem i cant click on link hyperlink. My two probleme, i havent emoticon.