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  1. thanks. can you fix paths please? :)
  2. Fazer

    open Search a solution for pvp "bug"

    yeah but i found more than one
  3. Fazer

    open Search a solution for pvp "bug"

    did you found where to add it?
  4. Hello, I have a problem when i try to delete player Syser: PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(6) Source: if (!IsChinaEventServer()) { if (strlen(r.social_id) < 7 || strncmp(packet->private_code, r.social_id + strlen(r.social_id) - 7, 7)) { sys_log(0, "PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(%d)", strlen(r.social_id)); peer->EncodeHeader(HEADER_DG_PLAYER_DELETE_FAILED, dwHandle, 1); peer->EncodeBYTE(packet->account_index); return; }
  5. Fazer

    open Question marks in chat

  6. Fazer

    [Hades] Final Version - Multi Kill System

    I am the one and only hahaha nice
  7. Fazer

    open Split Level from name

    can you give me a example how to?
  8. How i can split level from name? Example:
  9. Fazer

    open Server crash help

    i checked it but nothing
  10. Fazer

    open Server crash help

    nothing found
  11. Fazer

    open Server crash help

    where i will seach it?
  12. Fazer

    open Server crash help

    Item.cpp Line : 219 questlua_item.cpp Line 134