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Found 19 results

  1. Link: Arma 1 Arma 2 Arma 3 Arma 4 Arma 5 Arma 6 Arma 7 Arma 8 Arma 9 Arma 10 Arma 11 Arma 12 Arma 13 Arma 14 Arma 15 Arma 16 Arma 17 Arma 18 Web Oficial
  2. Version of Files : XXX Hello, some days ago I saw these pictures Where I can find these weapons? And which default values they had in the past? I only saw these 10 years ago on p-server but I know they are from official game assets but you cant get them. Thanks, Sincerly, dxseba
  3. Can someone help me? Why my costume weapon is like that: Is to up
  4. This is my error https://i.gyazo.com/5a26ce8eeda38fc43a524686fc720239.gif When I go on a mount costume weapons disappear, it appears, disappears and shows up again. And it should not be that way. Somewhere was the improvement to Suits of armor, but I can not find. HELP ME PLS
  5. Good evening guys! Wich program i need to create/edit mobs/weapons or maps? or to create effect for a weapon/armor? Best regards,
  6. Hey! I have a big problem! I did the costume weapon system and everything is ok, but I don't see the weapon costume. I'm using sql item_proto. ID RANGE: 6009-6059 Syssers are empty. The modell path is ok. I think this is the clientside (binary) problem, but I can't do it. (Not kind of value3) Please, help me.
  7. Hello , i share you today a Dragon Weapon Set Download : http://ridack.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  8. Hi! How to install item_proto? I just do not see the texture of the gun,Icon and texture bug. Sorry no speak English! Thanks! Example link weapons:
  9. Hello community ! Can anyone explain step by step how insert weapon costumes in your server? i have found some i'm not sure if i am allowed to upload them. The files contains Halloween Weapons that you put in Ymir Folder. But how can i find them in-game ? Anyone has tutorials ? PHP CODE:santhia.eu Halloween Weapon costumes.rar
  10. Hi guys! P1: I have a problem with system costume On all races but no wolfman weapon costume works ,but on wolfman look how it works BTW. this sistem is based on value 3 P2: P.S Problem 1 SOLVED
  11. Hi guys i need help with this https://ctrlv.cz/d9pQ The weapon is equiped but its invisible Sysser 1214 14:07:10504 :: CItemManager::LoadItemList(locale/pl/item_list.txt) - StrangeLine in 3925 1214 14:07:10509 :: CItemManager::LoadItemList(locale/pl/item_list.txt) - StrangeLine in 6235 1214 14:07:10509 :: CItemManager::LoadItemList(locale/pl/item_list.txt) - StrangeLine in 6256 1214 14:07:10533 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=137) - Strange Skill Need Weapon(CLAW) 1214 14:07:10533 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=139) - Strange Skill Nee
  12. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  13. Hello everyone can any one please help me to fix this problem the sash cannot be wear and the costume weapon wear in the sash slot :/
  14. Hello guys I have a problem I don't know how to get costume weapon items to have bonus. I searched any potential function in the source but no luck so can somebody help me please? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello guys.. Can anyone help me with this? >x< x: I need add to weapon more than 3 bonuses.. I don't want to put the bonuses from: applytype0-applytype2, applyvalue0-applyvalue3. Beacuse i can't use more than 3 bonuses, and i need 3+. Any ideas?
  16. Hello, today I release two new weapons for you. I have created this by myself. If you want more models, then visit Keyto-Shop.com Currently is a 30% discount on all models. Screenshots: Download:CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD
  17. Hey to all, does anyone have a export tool from 3dsmax to .gr2 ? I know there are plugins for 3ds max 2007/8 but I only have the versions 2014-2016.
  18. I have problem with discriptions of item dont show me item name attk value bonuses pls help me i have added this weapon and get this error
  19. Adrian1428

    Weapon bug

    I have a bug with weapon claw , the image says all: # solved And I have a question : How can I arrange skills image as shown? I change the skills but the image no... Thanks in advance.
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