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Found 9 results

  1. Hey M2DEV! Today I will show you how to fix one unpleasant error related to the auto attack. When you attack a monster automatically and for example want to move away from the monster, what do you do? Probably you will turn off the auto attack and try to move away from the monster using the WASD keys? Yes, but it won't work because the target doesn't reset when you try to disable the auto-attack. Before fix: https://imgur.com/iipNEpg After fix: https://imgur.com/MmTd6GH Open file: UserInterface\PythonPlayer.h Make "__ClearAutoAttackTargetActorID();" public!
  2. Hi, i try install Offline shop by great. Game source OK DB source OK Client source OK but if i try implement root python scripts i got this 1016 16:06:16696 :: GameButtonWindow.LoadScript - 'GiftIcon' 1016 16:06:16696 :: ============================================================================================================ 1016 16:06:16696 :: Abort!!!! 1016 16:06:16696 :: ============================================================================================================ 1016 16:06:16696 :: Abort!!!! 1016 16:06:16696 :: =============================
  3. Chyuae

    Stream module

    Hi devs, I've been looking a long time for a module called stream. In a client we can found it used like: stream.popupWindow.Close(), stream.SetSelectCharacterPhase(), stream.SetConnectInfo() and so much more. Where is a definition of this module? I've been lookin' in a binary sources but with no success, in Root aswell. Thanks.
  4. Hello , i've set up my server with Hamachi just to fix a few things first , what i want to know is : Is it possible to turn into a root/dedicated server or is it too late now? If yes , i would appreciate a little guidance if you can
  5. I think this question is more related to FreeBSD but anyway, why do most people install the metin2 serverfiles in the path /usr/home? So I have already done this experience myself, I changed the path to /usr/metin2 and it worked just fine but I still wonder why do everyone or most people put the files at /usr/home? Sorry if this is a dumb question ;S
  6. Hello guys I added a Quiver in my system recently. I use only 1 vnum id and it's subtype is set as ARROW like the normal arrows, but it works normally (unlimited arrows and ignoring distance). Now I just need a tutorial on how to install the blue effect on my arrows. I have the official files I just don't know what to do in game/binary source to make it work. Does anybody have a little tip for me? Btw if anybody wants me to show you how to do the quiver comment and I will Thanks metin2dev
  7. How i can find root in a crypted client? i mean in /pack is not root i tryed to find file in lancher with ollydbg and a plugins but dont work there is downlaod website: http://goo.gl/bi131t thx
  8. Hello everyone, today I'll show you how to enable acces to root login via Putty. Yes, I know SSH accesing is better, but there is tut how to enable root login in FreeBSD 10. So first log in to your FreeBSD 10. And write this: vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Then you should search line like this: #PermitRootLogin no Remove # and replace no to yes, like this: PermitRootLogin yes Final step is to restart your sshd /etc/rc.d/sshd restart And that's it. It's really simply and this tutorial is for real amateur in this biz. But I think it can be useful. Peace, TyWin
  9. Welcome! I'm searching the oryginal root from Global Server. (with DS - also lock the windows DS open without the mission done, eq-belt, etc. ) Not edited, only oryginal. Please. Thanks for help!
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