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  1. Hello, don't anyone please quest to alternate day and night according to time? I can't find him anywhere Thanks a lot PS: I am sorry for my English
  2. Hi, I have written a small Powershell script to show you how to translate your quests using Azure Cognitive Services. I decided to use the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, they have a free offer for 2.000.000 translated characters per month, which is enough to mess around for me. First thing you have to do is to create a free Microsoft Azure Account. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/ Then add a subscription to the Cognitive Services by searching for 'Translator' in the topmost search bar. https://prnt.sc/u9wurk
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create some new system (Illusion Highland from official servers), but it seems that the quest i'm using has a problem with rejoining the dungeon... Here is a video showing the problem: Note that, every time i join the dungeon, it generates a new map index, it doesn't join the one that my party member is at the moment. Instead of joining my previous dungeon with map index "3060003" it created a new one with "3060004" The quest i'm using https://mega.nz/file/ArJA3QCZ#6qkHdUliEc5vOXp1_p8wYgRs
  4. quest item_drop begin state start begin function GetMapIndex() local maps = { 1, 3, 5, 21, 23, 25, 41. } for m in maps do if pc.get_map_index() == maps[m] then return true end end return maps end when 9006.click with pc.is_gm() begin local options = ("Metin drop", "Anuleaza") if options == 1 then if item_drop.GetMapIndex() == true then if game.get_event_flag("item_open") == 0 then say("Hello "..pc.get_name().." ") say("Aici pui codul itm-ului si acesta va pica din pietrele metin si boss") say("!REGULA!NU ABUZA DE ACEASTA FUNCTIE!
  5. Hy , can someone help me with a mount like horse menu quest plecase? I want when i click 'my nount to can unsummon
  6. Hi m2.dev!I'm looking for a quest, wich is changing item to gold with npc.+ a quest like changing item to dragon coin (mysql) with npc
  7. This is a list of 680 functions you can use in your quests. And you can create your own if you have knowledge of C++ and the sourcecode. addimage addmapsignal add_bgm_info add_goto_info add_ox_quiz affecr.remove_all_collect affect.add affect.add_collect affect.add_collect_point affect.add_hair affect.remove affect.remove_bad affect.remove_collect affect.remove_good affect.remove_hair arena.add_map arena.add_observer arena.get_duel_list arena.is_in_arena arena.start_duel ba.start block_chat bool_to_str building.get_land_id building.get_land_info building.has_land building.recon
  8. Soo.. I just dived into quest writing. It's not a hard thing i got a few languages already behind me but... Here i don't know what to do it's propably some LUA thing of metin. So first problem: second problem: Thx for answers and suggestions
  9. Hello, I want to introduce you my biologist quests that I coded. Everything is through setting file (ibeast_addon.lua). Quests are working with "Researcher's Elixir" (there is bug with removing this item on many servers which does not use my quest). You can simply set up your own new biologist quests using one of my "template" quest. You can set up: rewards, minimal level, needed item, needed count, ids, chances for success, dialogs (text) and delay. Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.
  10. Hey guys, I have a problem with my server and I have no idea how to solve this With my principal character i don't have problems but when i create a character, i have this bug with all quest : When player is level max, the bug is disappears Syserr: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 66 I have edit my input_login.cpp, but it's not work. i have too remplace folder quest by my other file, is not work I can paid for résolve this Thank for u for help
  11. HI this is English quest Snow_Dungon https://mega.co.nz/#!XNMS2CxY!i-zV1_1wBICyV5iSRhnWSw_81BdILZMdWGQjt1zzfxU
  12. Again..me.. Hey, I'm having trouble setting give_basic_weapon when a player logs in for the first time. I absolutely don't know where the problem is. Simply, it should work in such a way that, depending on the character, players assign things to it. It only works for: Warrior man, Ninja girl, Sura man, Shaman girl But it doesn't work: Warrior girl, ninja man, sura girl, shaman man.... I went through the code several times, but I just found no mistake. I tried every elseif to replace if and end it, but it didn't help. I also tried to make all the ch
  13. Description: Drag and item(E.G: 27992) on NPC(9003) and receive another item Features You can add items easy It's a short quest It shows what you receive Ingame preview: Download: https://mega.nz/#!DxhDlaIL!ObiUgwydvpdcoLlz78Sdix9cllOiX3YgNhC_PJFNCGA Scan result(URL): VirusTotal
  14. yo guys is there any way to increase the characters in one line in npc dialogs? by default they gotta be around 52-57 and there is too much padding on the right, idk about u but i think its ugly as shit so if u got some sort of tip on how to find that 52 and change it i wud very much appreciate it. thanks for ur time, stay awesome :D
  15. I've noticed this one since the beginning but for some reason I've been waiting until now to ask. Let's say I'm writing a dialog with NPC X and when I click on it I want it to say: Hi, how are you today; So I'm writing the classic when XXXXXX.chat."Hi, how are you today;" and I'm compiling but when I click in the game the ; is missing! So it just says: Hi, how are you today I haven't yet find what filters the character so I'm asking you. I've looked in questlua.cpp and questlua_global.cpp but didn't find anything. If anyone knows I'm also trying to find a
  16. Hi there devs! I am trying to copy the teleporter quest from the official servers. My only issue is, the yang required to teleport based on player's level. Any ideas? Best regards, Cara
  17. Hello everybody, I have a problem in my server about my mounts. Ok the problem is like that, I set up from Navicat and from client the time for 7 days each mount but the time is gone even If I'm not on the mount. Someone can help me how can I fix this, I change the type and subtybe like experience ring but nothing, I want to do the time to go just when you are on the mount, if you keep your mount in your inventory the time to be the same. Please I really need an answer for that, if somebody who has this problem before and telling me how I can do it, will be perfect. Thank you so
  18. Hello everyone. I need a little help here: I need quest function which checks how many players are in certain maps. Does someone know any way do check this?
  19. Hello guys, im working on biologist quests i completed the one i was testing and when the new one appeared it shows the arrow to speak to biologist but when i click on him nothing appears..anyone who knows good please pm me so we can figured out the problem! thanks a lot
  20. Hello. I need help. I need to open the quest window after a certain time in the game. How can i do this? For example, I stood for 5 minutes in the game, and I have a quest window with the words "Hello"
  21. hello all explain problem : when start war like use this command : /war guild_name 1 or /war guild_name 2 i have crash core in core 1 , core 2 and core 3 this crash Happen after notice in chat ------------ before warp to map 110 or 111 in this moment the core 1 , core 2 and core 3 is crash and see this 4 line on putty and when debug core i have this please help in my problem and thanks for all syslog in core 1 after crash syslog in core 2 after crash syslog in db after crash
  22. hey, i need a new Function to load from account.account field: some_text can someone help? and use on quest like local get_text = pc.get_some_text if get_text = "koxmen" then else end
  23. Hello community , i have encountered this small problem while creating a smiple quest . I'm using say_item_vnum(***) function but when i place it two times , the items are not next to each other. Here is my code : quest herowep begin state start begin when letter begin send_letter("Hero Weapon") end when info or button begin say("This quest will give you a") say("starting weapon to help you") say("level up quickly, it is not the best") say("but it's something f
  24. Hi guys, I start to learn questing. I have a problem with my PvP quest. If Player1 kills Player2, Player1 gets one point. If Player1 reaches 5 points, he has solved the quest with a reward. The problem is that if I killed someone, I get 2 points instead of 1 point. Besides, if I score 5 points, the quest gives me the reward, but still exists as an undeleted quest. Can someone help me? quest kill begin state start begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 15 and pc.getqf("qfset") == 0 begin set_state(killquest) end end state killquest begin when letter
  25. I want to make a quest which gives the player any item they want by input. But I have an issue... the "vnum" from give_item2 does not work with my local input variable. The quest I have tried to make looks like this: quest giveItm begin state start begin when login begin say("test") local itm = input() pc.give_item2(itm, 1) say("test2") end end end
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