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Found 15 results

  1. HI developers, my pet system skills are not working, I tried to search here, there is no solution Please give me some directions Thank you for your answer! Best wishes to you~
  2. Hey there. I was wondering if any of you know a way to set a pet's level through commands and if there is also a way to reset the skills. Basically when moving a pet through transport box, the skills do not work anymore and I was hoping if someone knows anything about that. Also, I was wondering if there is also a command to advance the biologist quests since some had issues with accounts and we had to reset them and I was wondering if we could advance their biologist quests. Thank you.
  3. I have a problem with new pet system. When the pet is 40 lvl and goes 99% exp stops to getting experience. I want to stop in 100% and no 99%. Sorry for my english.
  4. Hello Devs, i need ur Help.. If i complie my Client, i got this Error : https://gyazo.com/1e5d0d29e47eedafe4310ad879d17db1 and when i click on "PythonSkillPet.cpp/h" i got this error : https://gyazo.com/c9240bf36ca0d0a2918f9da7fee9bb6d thx guys
  5. quests: quest pet_system_send_back begin state start begin when login begin cmdchat("SetPetSendAwayButtonIndex "..q.getcurrentquestindex()) end when info or button begin local v, pet_ = pc.getf("pet_system", "pet_spawn_id"), pc.getf("pet_system", "pet_spawn") local effect = pet_info[v][3] local az = "d:ymir workeffectetcappear_dienpc2_appear.mse" if pet_ == nil or v == nil then return end if effect != 0 then pet.spawn_effect (pet_, az) end pet.remove_bonus() pet.unsummon(pet_) pc.setf("pet_system","pet_spawn",0) pc.setf("pet_system","pet_spawn_id",0) cleartim
  6. I got a problem with the new pet system when I summon a new pet, the pet give me random half human bonus I don't understand why if someone could help me fix it to put this bonus to 0 so when the pet is summoned it give 0 half human bonus. I tried everything and after some research I found that the problem may come from those files, but I don't know where to search exactly ! Please some help would be great-full New_PetSystemcpp.txt New_PetSystemh.txt
  7. Hello. Can anyone tell me where can I find that? Over my pets the flag doesen't fit good, so i want to disable all on my pets. Thank you.
  8. Hello Metin2dev, I have a problem with my powermount system. Here you can see: powermount: White lion: With the first one the server don't load the mobs. I don't know why.
  9. Hello, I have problem with pet system quest. http://pastebin.com/bmEL41P5 If someone uses pet, there is a lot of errors in syserr: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest pet_system_pvp.start letter RunState: LUA_ERROR: locale/poland/quest/object/state/pet_system:16: bad argument #1 to `foreach' (table expected, got nil)
  10. Need is complete, without any errors in the source code, and the seller is responsible for installation. Please contact my skype:fei.sun2011 evolution box skills with affects
  11. Added a new pet, but the client has been unable to compile, ask for help
  12. I added pet attacking system and I have next bug: pet can drop item from mobs How can I solve this? Items have the pet owner's name or owner can pickup the items if pet is his. I tried something but doesn't work. Thanks in advance. Pet attacking:
  13. Hey Guys i tried to implement some pets and their icons, Implemented in quest -> http://puu.sh/anx5U/8d99d0bf25.png Mobs Implemented -> http://puu.sh/aokaN/097e06c7c4.jpg Icons for them also -> http://puu.sh/aokcO/ed0d724472.jpg Syserr says nothing, so where's Problem i think in Quest but dont know where. Thanks for help King Regards
  14. Dear community, It's known that there is a simple method for generating data folders for the monsters: we just have to upload the client folders without the models and textures and it's allright. Only if the accumulation data is missing from the .msa files, the cores won't start, we just get an error message in the syserrs instead of this. Today I met with a really strange error, when the same thing happens, but there isn't any error in the syserr or syslog, and I think the accumulation datas are correct. I can only find out which ones are wrong if I look at the syslog's last line, bec
  15. Hello all. Now i have a new pet for devs: DOWNLOAD PASSWORD RatedR203 © TGC-TEAM



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