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  1. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I have such a problem, when I try to place the previous sashes in others, it can not be improved, that in the first 5 slots at the top, I also have other items, e.g. seals, some will improve, etc., etc. I have 4 slots added, scarves as you can see, mount system, dump proto compilation. Sometimes it happens that after removing items, or throwing them on the ground, they return to the inventory after some time. SS: https://prnt.sc/u3oaq7
  2. Hello everyone. It's a good day to share an old code with you. First of all you need to know: I don't help to install it. Don't even take the contact with me about it. The whole code is written by me, and reversed from official binaries. At the beginning do a backup for your files(srcs+pys) and READ CAREFULLY the readme. W/o brain.exe please close this tab, or your browser, thank you for your understanding. Preview: Download.exe Enjoy & #h4v3fun, pngr
  3. Hey guys, i have the bug with inventory. Can anyone know where i could make a mistake? ItemData.h: GameType.h: length.h: inventorywindow.py:
  4. Hi all. My client has a very annoying bug. My inventory sidebar is like this: If I warp from commands (with inventory open too) or from quest with inventory closed all is ok, but when I warp from teleport ring or any other quest with inventory open it does this: Thank you!
  5. Hi, metin2dev The bug is manifest like this : My exchange.cpp file: bool CExchange::CheckSpace() { static CGrid s_grid1(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid2(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid3(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid4(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns s_grid1.Clear(); s_grid2.Clear(); s_grid3.Clear(); s_grid4.Clear(); LPCHARACTER victim = GetCompany()->GetOwner(); LPITEM item; int i; const int perPageSlotCount = INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 4; for (i = 0; i < INVENTORY_MAX_NUM; ++i) {
  6. Hi , i want to know how could i implement this system with buttons , i tried someting but doesnt work , cause i need to add some width , and use buttons , but there is an transparent board along inventory , and i dont know how could i put these buttons, and use the belt inventory too , but without transparent board wich can move the inventory
  7. Hello, I have a little question about some function.. I have some line of code which has to delete "new" mark and I want to implement it after I unequip an item. So I would like to know where to put it. Or atleast create some function which will delete the mark if item is unequipped like: if (item_is_unequipped) del constInfo.NEWITEMS. Code: PS.: Sorry for my english Regards.
  8. How can I check if a player has an item in inventory? Something like: when 40002.inventory begin quest_happens end
  9. Hello guys, as you know, on the official servers was added a new system (last year i think) called Inventory Expansion System. Does anyone of you know how to obtain this system? Official server's "pack" folder may have this system, but there are much files... too much files... So... can you help me?
  10. Hello , does anyone know how to add the extra space on inventory in order to add buttons ? Anything will help me since i don't know the line in inventorywindow that add it , and i'm not sure that it's there too .
  11. Time to open inventory or inventory block after login
  12. Hello guys. Somebody have this system? (When you click to 3-4. inventory these are locked and you can unlock these with item...) Tnx in advance
  13. Hey guys I have a problem my ITEM_RING items are going in the positions for ITEM_UNIQUE instead left or right of the belt part. I checked my GamtType and python parts and it's all good. Can someone help me please?
  14. Hello devs I'm looking for the function in the safebox (python) that checks if safebox is open or not. For example this is for trade and this is for shop so I'm looking that function in safebox Thanks in advance
  15. Hey community! I have a problem with my inventory. I had 5 inventory page system and i change it to 2, and this is my problem.. the items are hidden.
  16. Hello devs, How can i add a button (switchbot) upper itemshop inventory button , i have switchbot implemented.. If you don't understand i uploaded a photo. P.S. This is photoshop , i don't have the button implemented. Thanks.
  17. Hello i try to add Ingame Inventory Viewer for C++ i do like this: Python client: uitarget.py: self.showingButtonList.append(self.buttonDict[localeInfo.TARGET_BUTTON_VIEW_EQUIPMENT]) locale_game.txt TARGET_BUTTON_VIEW_EQUIPMENT Podgląd EQ C++: Char.cpp: To: packet.h: cmd_general.cpp: To: Error: 0609 11:06:33761 :: Cannot find item by -1729354753 0609 11:06:33761 :: Unknown packet header: 200, last: 99 17 Gif: Any suggestion?
  18. Is Bug : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sev7dsUrkdk&feature=youtu.be Open char_item.cpp Search: const int ITEM_BROKEN_METIN_VNUM = 28960; Add: #define ERROR_MSG(exp, msg) \ if (true == (exp)) { \ ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, msg); \ return false; \ }Search: bool CHARACTER::UseItem(TItemPos Cell, TItemPos DestCell) { WORD wCell = Cell.cell; BYTE window_type = Cell.window_type; //WORD wDestCell = DestCell.cell; //BYTE bDestInven = DestCell.window_type; LPITEM item; if (!CanHandleItem()) return false; if (!IsValidItemPositio
  19. Is Bug : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOprjTnNiQ8 Open : input_main.cpp Search: CSafebox * pkSafebox = ch->GetSafebox(); LPITEM pkItem = ch->GetItem(p->ItemPos); if (!pkSafebox || !pkItem) return; Add: if (pkItem->GetType() == ITEM_BELT && pkItem->IsEquipped()) // Belt inventory new bug fixed by Rideas { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Belt before equip!"); return; } Best Regards Rideas
  20. Hello people, I have two minor bugs belt inventory. Could someone advise a solution? Thanks for any help https://youtu.be/eyos21mTEzM
  21. Hi, I have this problem when I follow the post of AvelineTM : I follow this step by step and then I see that Bug Can anywhere help me please? Thx!
  22. Hey guys, I wonder if i cloud help with two problems: 1º: When i try to move any inventory item goes to the character login. I think that's the file exchange.cpp in the funtion CExchange::CheckSpace() bool CExchange::CheckSpace() { static CGrid s_grid1(5, INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 5 / 4); // inven page 1 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid2(5, INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 5 / 4); // inven page 2 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid3(5, INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 5 / 4); // inven page 3 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid4(5, INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 5 / 4); // inven page 4 9 Rows a 5 Columns s_g
  23. Hi, I want to put the horizontal inventory (game source) so the items not place above others. Anyone? Thanks.
  24. Hello! I have a little problem. It isn't show me the costume system, the alchemy, slots of the rings and belts. I hope someone can help me, I'd be really happy, thanks.
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