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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a good C++ developer who is able to implement a simple, but completely new communication between the client and the server. The point is pretty straightforward, the client should be able to send the server some kind of keep-alive packet, that "Hey I am alive!". The server should be able to check the last time such a packet came from specific user and if it isn't coming, then disconnect the user. You should be able to implement it into multiple servers (you can reuse your existing code). I will pay you for each server where yo
  2. Hello, i am currently looking for a developer to fix some bugs and code some new systems. These are the following bugs: - offlineshops are deleted after reboot - Packet error in the shopsearch system when searching for an item - Some minor Python bugs (example: notification from the dungeon info display) The following must be coded: - Buffi System (Character Buff System) - Special costume adder & switcher with timestamp - & more... if the performance is good and wants to be continued by both sides. Designs will be available! Using C++11 s
  3. English: Hello dear Metin2 community, Currently we are looking for some supporters regarding private servers for our teambuilding (surely against payment) What do we need: -Webdeveloper + Forum (Designer, itemshop, paymentsystem, connection to Server, protection, spezial wishes) -Server/Client- Developer (bug Fixess, system and allround implementation, spezial wishes) -Systemdeveloper (quest, runs, features, userinterface GUI, multilanguage, protection, speazial wishes) Designer (map, pet, mount, equipment, shining and el
  4. Hello, the Evion development team is looking for further support. On 14.06.2019 the launch of the server took place and now we are looking for energetic developers to support us in the further development of the server. As a developer your job is to fix bugs and implement new ideas. Of course, our existing developers are always at your side with advice and action, so we also offer motivated developers with less experience in his area the opportunity to develop his skills with our help. We offer - modern development environments, - a good professional working atmosphere,
  5. Hello, we are looking for active support in the development of our projects. For this we need further developers in the area of programming with C++. We expect from interested developers: - mature experiences with C++, - expierience with Git and FreeBSD/Windows, - sufficient time - and motivation. Furthermore, we expect language skills in German/English. We offer: - a fixed monthly payment (negotiable), - a competent team, - an elaborated concept - and an advanced development environment. Our source is compatible with Windows (Server & Client) and
  6. HELLO. I`m looking for a metin2 developer who can basically create my own private server. IF YOU WANT MONEY FIRST PLEASE DONT CONTACT ME . I wish to create my own private server I will also pay every month a certain amount of money( which we both agreed) for your services ( ex.50-100-150-200 euro ( depends on your work) paypal each month) . Skype Shankss01 ====>> Discord Grimmjoww #8538.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a Game&Web Developer for an Admin Panel that will allow the communication between the web&game, i.e: Block chat, Logs, Refound Item, Ban, Check Account(Private Messages, Change Email/Password, etc) I'm also looking for a person that can develop custom systems i.e: Pet System
  8. Hello, We are looking for a developer for a long-term project. Get in touch with me with any current/past projects.
  9. when i use a emoticon my client syserr get spamed: 0909 21:32:26421 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:26637 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:26817 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27114 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27131 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27329 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:29027 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime how can i fix this?
  10. Dear community, WoM2 is currently looking for a C++ developer with experience in working with the game source and a minimum command of the english language. Experience with python and/or lua and other related technical skills are a plus. Integrity and the ability to work in a team are required. We offer a freelance*, part-time or full-time contract, flexible working hours and the chance to be part of an extensive team in one of the most successful projects in the field to date. Financial terms will be discussed privately with the candidates. Depending on your performance, promotion op
  11. Hello, I am looking for 1 person to work for me and change the source of the game and do a ServerFiles r40k with new systems, and the quest virgin customer support. Offers hope, by the characteristics pm.
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