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Found 16 results

  1. Hey metin2 dev community, i recently started working on metin2 source (I'm a noob, so if you have any tips i'm open) and i want to know the purpose of this code fragment that is in char_battle.cpp in game/src. CSkillProto* pkSk = CSkillManager::instance().Get(SKILL_RESIST_PENETRATE); if (NULL != pkSk) { pkSk->SetPointVar("k", 1.0f * GetSkillPower(SKILL_RESIST_PENETRATE) / 100.0f); // I'm interested in this line iPenetratePct -= static_cast<int>(pkSk->kPointPoly.Eval()); } i might have an idea, is it replacing the variable "k" in the skill_proto in the database?,
  2. Hello devs Today I would like to present you a new solution that can make you feel more safe with your GMs. This is my first release and it's very simple to do, I'm just posting it here for the newbies and those who don't know how to start searching and other shit like that WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? This system is a number of preventions for GameMaster characters about certain interractions with normal players in the game. The functions you are about to see are blocking GMs from: Trading items with normal players (and the opposite) Invite normal players to parties (and the
  3. When the compiler gets to the game link point, it throws this error: guild.cpp: cipher.cpp: Compiler: c++-devel Crypto++ version: 7
  4. Hello community, I don't know if this is the right section for this. I don't even know what's real anymore... I've been spending sleepless nights over the compiler trying to make it work... Let's start from the beginning. I downloaded Vanilla core r70140 from the only available link I found online. The core was pretty bad-shaped. I fixed everything, I upgraded the compiler to C++17. Few things left to make it to first successful compile, but I don't have the knowledge to do it alone. I realise it now, so I'm asking for the community's help. If I manage to compile it successfully
  5. Hello M2Dev, I have this problem... I can't compile the game source. My files are 40k, well. I have this file " stdint.h " in my folder "include". Thanks.
  6. Hello.I want to ask how to install serverfiles that are without .vdi For example: Compile source code and generally install the files.
  7. Hi guys, I'm searching code for deleting unactivated accounts from database after 24 hours. Thanks for answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  8. Hello community have some problems compiling the SRC.
  9. Hello, Creating metin2 private server on my VPS. And I have a question if anyone here please do not: Clean Source 34k + SF + Client best Rain or something. Personally, I have 40k but I want to redo source alone and want to start from a clean. Unfortunately I can not find these anywhere net Source + SF + Client. Most are called VDI. Virtual disks in Virtual PC and I do not want. Need Source + SF + Client 34k core Please give me a link or so to the PM or even here depends on you personally prefer PM. Please only functional on VPS and password to mysql if there is. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys I found this tut http://metin2hungary.net/index.php?topic=189507.0 and I did it. When I finally made it my client was not starting. So I went back to my bin and added these 2 lines to PythonUtils.cpp: and changed my uiCommon's function like this: So now client starts but when I login it crashes with this syserr: So what can I do now?
  11. Hello guys I followed MrLybia's tut about making 6 normal bonus to items https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/8471-chowto-6norm-attr-2-rare/ and now I'm trying to update my Switchbot but I don't actually know what to edit... Here is my switchbot.py
  12. Hello guys I just noticed a problem that many of you may have with 6/7 attributes and may have ever noticed of it. When I change the 6/7 attributes it changes the bonuses but they come always on their 5th level from the table player.item_attr_rare (ex. if Max HP has lv1 = 200, lv2 = 250, lv3 = 350, lv4 = 400 and lv5 = 500 it fetches only 500). I really need your help on this guys please if anybody has a tip that can help share it below thanks Also if you can help me with this topic I'd appreciate thanks again https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/9457-new-resist-flag-for-mob_p
  13. Hello guys I need a full tutorial on how to install a new resist to the mob_proto table. You see there is resist_poison but not resist_bleeding and because of that Metin Stones can be affected with bleeding. I already found 2 files that I need to edit but since I don't have advanced or expert skills on c++ and metin2 source code I can use a little tut. I need to know all the files I need to edit to make my resist_bleeding work...
  14. Hi! Could you please share with me the clean Metin2 source files? All the mega links I've found are down. Thanks in advance, Adam
  15. Hi guys. I'm trying to compile source code on FreeBSD 9.3 i386. The source code compiles successfully on FreeBSD 9.2 i386, but on 9.3 I receive a weird error produced by linker: linking ../game_r_32.... /usr/local/lib/libIL.a(libIL_la-il_jp2.o): In function `Jp2ConvertData': (.text+0x1a6): undefined reference to `jas_matrix_create' /usr/local/lib/libIL.a(libIL_la-il_jp2.o): In function `Jp2ConvertData': (.text+0x1ce): undefined reference to `jas_matrix_destroy' /usr/local/lib/libIL.a(libIL_la-il_jp2.o): In function `Jp2ConvertData': (.text+0x29c): undefined reference to `jas_stream_fillbuf' /u
  16. Dear Community, I've made this design about 1,5 years ago but I didn't use it and never will, so I decided to publish it for you. As I'm not a graphic designer, I just plagiarised it from different GUIs, only the header is made completely by made, so don't hate me because of that In this download you can find: css index.php home & login.php includes images psd file for header (only with the picture and logo, so you can change it) This template is fully compatible with Hen's cms, but you can convert it for any cms. Screen: I know this isn't the greatest work you
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