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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, who can help me with the md5 verification for the client from game src. Is it possible to read the code md5 and the client name from a text file? without recompiling the whole game source again? I found only this but is wihout md5: void CInputProcessor::Version(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* c_pData) { if (!ch) { return; } TPacketCGClientVersion * p = (TPacketCGClientVersion *) c_pData; if (strcmp(p->filename, "LANCHER.exe") && ch->GetGMLevel() != GM_IMPLEMENTOR) { DBManager::instance().Query("INSERT INTO log.wait_hack SET login='%s', nickname='%s', ip='%s', time=NOW(), map_index=%d, server='%s';", ch->GetDesc()->GetAccountTable().login, ch->GetName(), ch->GetDesc()->GetHostName(), ch->GetMapIndex(), g_stHostname.c_str()); ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(3); } sys_log(0, "VERSION: %s %s %s", ch->GetName(), p->timestamp, p->filename); ch->GetDesc()->SetClientVersion(p->timestamp); } UPDATE CODE @ Team M2Dev
  2. Helia01

    Proto Checker

    Hey M2DEV! Today i will show you my new tool. This tool checks item_names.txt and item_proto.txt for duplicates and also shows differences in these files. For example: Test 1: We take all the VNUM of the file item_names.txt and check the same VNUM in the item_proto.txt Test 2: We take all the VNUM of the file item_proto.txt and checks the same VNUM in the item_names.txt The result is written in the console and in a text file: output_log.txt DOWNLOAD ver. VT P.S We are waiting for the Python version by dear Vegas
  3. I'm looking for that part of the code where a character is exchanging and hits logout, so the server doesn't start the countdown. I've looked everywhere but nowhere to find.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm currently facing an issue where I want to make a certain system / icon visible only if a variable (which was declared and changed via quest) has a certain value. I want the client to check the value of the variable for the quest, and the client to update automatically as the variable is set to a certain value. Can this be done? I have looked into an older topic related to this issue: [HowTo|Old]Quest-Client communication(for any version) , but it didn't help really much. I'm still not sure how to check this. Can someone help me please? I'm pretty dumb when comes to client communication
  5. Hello everyone. I need a little help here: I need quest function which checks how many players are in certain maps. Does someone know any way do check this?
  6. Distraught

    Quest checker

    Hey guyz, I made a quest checker that reads your quest and if it has any error then the program shows so. Download
  7. How can I check if a player has an item in inventory? Something like: when 40002.inventory begin quest_happens end
  8. Hello everyone, you probably noticed that when the structure mob proto are not correct then the client loads almost until the end and then hangs?Recently saw this error, it is time to correct this deficiency. Make the test structure is very simple. search if ((zObj.GetSize() % sizeof(TMobTable)) != 0) { TraceError("CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData: invalid size %u check data format.", zObj.GetSize()); return false; } edit this if ((zObj.GetSize() % sizeof(TMobTable)) != 0) { TraceError("CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData: invalid size: %u check data format", zObj.GetSize()); MessageBox(NULL, "Invalid size TMobTable...", "FatalError", MB_ICONWARNING); exit(0); // close this F*CKING game :3 } Now the structure is checked immediately before character selection. p.s Check/Rate my program Converter <3
  9. Hi! I have got some freetime in summer, so i release my patcher source. Just use file size (bytes) to check files. (Made it in C# WPF) How to work: 1. Create your patchlist.txt (added image) 2. Upload on FTP or wherever you want 3. Upload the listed files Lets do the exe 1. Open solution with a compiler 2. Edit Globals.cs public static string ServerUrl = "http://www.***.com/patcher/"; The "ServerUrl" is the server folder, that contain created patchlist.txt //starter exe name public static string exename = "game.exe"; If downloaded finished automatically start this exe (currentfolder) //create patchlog.txt with datas of downloading and etc public static string logname = "patchlog.txt"; public static bool enablelog = true; The patcher create log, "enablelog" = true/false Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!pFhVFZoL!kG8zorvqfxikPbcuPxdVwyGifVldWP2ciAaz3gcWXsY For any service, effect, design, programming PM to me Ohh, the main thing : Have nice summer!
  10. Hello devs, as you may have noticed I'm one of the noobiest devs around here so I need your help today don't worry it's something simple Alright so I need a simple LUA function. I have this array of skills and I want to check if some of them is Perfect Master and if it's not then say("You can't do this until one of these skills are Perfect Master and blah blah blah...") Just that So thank you in advance guys I appreciate every comment I get EDIT: I got it don't worry about it
  11. How can I make the check ip of vds/vps in the source? for security of my files.
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