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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys, this post goes out to everyone, who always wanted to create their own animations! I have created a Rig-System for every metin character, which allows you to animate more realisticly. to make it clear, i am going to show you what i mean. So, what does it do? how does it work? Basically it gives you the oppertunity to animate any metin character in any way you want. You always thought about flying characters, or swimming? no problem at all! With this system you will be able to create professional animation within minutes. you don't even need any kind of 3d knowledge, it's selfexplaining. And if you going to need some help on understanding it, i will provide you with full-time support! Also, we're going to create your first animation together, until you're able to work with it completely alone. the system has different options (Peeling, Inverse Kinematic - Forward Kinematic, custom attributes, ...) which basically allows you to manipulate the character in any way you can imagine. animations from this system, will work perfectly ingame. i had to fix all joints, to make that possible - which was quite a process. it means, you could use those characters as "Starting Template" for Rigging Armors. for example, most of the 3d armors that get sold / released what ever, have a broken bone structure. You may noticed that already. that's not the case, with this system. as i've said i reworked the whole bone structure. however, you have to be aware that this is a unique feature since no server implemented any kind of animations on this level. the only server i saw, was "InfinityMetin". A guy named "phil3d" (shoutout :D) created a similar system in maya (he was the one, who created the "backstep skill"). How much will it cost? It will be 400€ for each character (200€ Male / 200€ Female). What do I get? - Animation System - Character with fixed joint's, reworked Bone Structure - Full-time Support - Additional Stuff like 3ds Max, Exporters etc. (if you don't have it already) Examples I created some examples for warrior (male). Go ahead, test them ingame! https://mega.nz/#!cI5x0IYR!D5wTIa0u81eIbnWeTJgFe8QinCp35vnrIJmhfn0uVSM Contact You can contact me at any given time over discord: Ramses_4#2202 Thanks for reading and Merry X-mas to everyone! Best regards
  2. hey guys, today i wanna introduce a cat based animation system for metin. it allows even 3ds max newbies to create some good content if you take your time :). basically it allows you to create a animations very fast with the adventage of human-like movements. i dont really think words can desribe it, so i've did a video to get you some taste of it. by the way, i saw a guy named phil3d created a system like that for maya a few years ago. however, take a look: Video:
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