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  1. @JIntors Pls give my this fix.
  2. Hi dev, i have little problem with sash system. http://scr.hu/4n6l/tx77e
  3. You not have full item_proto client and server, Dragon alchemy working perfect item_proto txt not mysql. Item_proto server http://pastebin.com/bChgguN6 replace old vnum item dragon alchemy. Search you item_proto client i don't have.
  4. ​ Look at the other posts ... ​ error2: .\PythonCharacterModule.cpp(180) : error C2084: function 'PyObject *chrDeleteInstanceByFade(PyObject *,PyObject *)' already has a body .\PythonCharacterModule.cpp(112) : see previous definition of 'chrDeleteInstanceByFade' you have doublicated this function : PyObject *chrDeleteInstanceByFade(PyObject *,PyObject *)' shearch in PythonCharacterModule.cpp line 112 ​Thanks, im not speak English alone understand. New bug. http://scr.hu/4n6l/vewjd http://scr.hu/4n6l/0380s
  5. three errors... .\NetworkActorManager.cpp(476) : error C2039: 'ChangeWing' : is not a member of 'CInstanceBase' d:\src\mainline_released\mainline_sg\srcs\client\userinterface\InstanceBase.h(9) : see declaration of 'CInstanceBase' .\PythonCharacterModule.cpp(87) : error C2039: 'm_dwWing' : is not a member of 'CInstanceBase::SCreateData' d:\src\mainline_released\mainline_sg\srcs\client\userinterface\InstanceBase.h(12) : see declaration of 'CInstanceBase::SCreateData' .\PythonCharacterModule.cpp(180) : error C2084: function 'PyObject *chrDeleteInstanceByFade(PyObject *,PyObject
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