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  1. Hi, I compiled the Source successful with clang and Server is running. But when ist want login with my Client it get stucked at connecting to Server... After some Look i think there is a problem with the handshake reply. The Client get the packet from server and reply it but the server didnt get the answer. Someone knows this error ? Thanks, for every hint.
  2. First error: the client cant get the Itempointer for the item: 165400 check item_proto Second error is that there is EQUIPMENT_PENDANT is not defined in the item class something like: PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "EQUIPMENT_PENDANT", c_Equipment_Pendant); but you need to look that this is right for your source
  3. Hey when i start the Client i get the desc txt from the battlezone shown in the left top screen. someone knows how to solve this ?
  4. Hey got problem with the floor in the metin2_map_mt_th_dungeon_01. The floor flashed all the time. Someone knows howto solve this ?
  5. Maybe tell us what you changed ... with normal source all works. And you get an error in some logfiles ?
  6. typedef struct SPlayerItem { DWORD id; BYTE window; WORD pos; DWORD count; DWORD vnum; long alSockets[ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM]; // ¼ÒÄϹøÈ£ TPlayerItemAttribute aAttr[ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_NUM]; DWORD owner; long bind; } TPlayerItem; Need look like this ... you can find this in common/tables.h important is the line long bind;
  7. Ok found the problem The Pet-System has overwritten the scale
  8. Sacaling works but not with mounting but will look

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