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  1. The thread may undergo modifications. Hello there. Firstly, let me show you a video, then come back and read the rest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW6Jb3pjuVE Functions: News, add news, remove news, manage news (title, content, image) Ranking Register and login Download, add, remove, manage (title, url) User panel: change password, change email, view characters, debug characters, donate with PayPal Admin panel: manage news, manage downloads, manage players & accounts & game-masters Special functions: Real-time online user number fetching (using WebSockets) Push notification system for enhancing user experience with feedback on diverse actions Language system which is easily configurable Front-end - React.js CSR (Client Side Rendering) Using React Context and it's newest functionalities Bootstrap > v4.6 Google Recaptcha V3 (not seen in the video) Extremely fast load times Back-end - Express.js API Server using REST standards Cookie based authentification, so you'll stay in a very long time Connection pooling to not overwhelm the database I won't get in any details further due to security reasons. Also worth mentioning: Both front- and back-end is strongly validated, and protected anti attacks, for instance: SQL, XSS, CSRF types As you access the website, you'll download the whole page, and then you dynamically navigate on it. Server-client communication is minimalized, mostly the logic is implemented in the front-end for the best UI experience. Some information and contact: installation & setup of the website is included support for functionality modifications and additions are included because everyone likes it in their own way, design changes are included updates are coming out frequently and they are costless some additional (not performance related ones) may cost a certain fee For more info, let's have a chat: Discord: Lehel#0001 E-mail: [email protected]
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