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  1. So i have 2 questions about this system. I extended the npc shop window to 80 slots instead of 40, but since i did it the server is shutting down when i click on an npc which has more than 1 window(tab) in shop_table_ex.txt With 1 tab works perfectly And the second question: Is it possible to open a shop_table_ex.txt shop vnum with a quest?
  2. I copied the whole gauge board (hp,mp,st gauge) from taskbar.py to gamewindow.py for a better positioning. It’s looks good, but doesn’t show when i get damage from mobs (the hp bar is not being lower) How can i solve this? In taskbar.py its works but in gamewindow.py not. How should i import the information to gamewindow.py?
  3. The position is perfect. I just don't understand why does the image being distorted. The file is not damaged after the pack, so i have no idea. Solved.
  4. I modified locale/xy/ui/windows/windows.tga and locale/xy/ui/guild/guild.tga windows.tga and everything else look perfect but guild.tga is distorted and i have no idea why. Image: As you see the left (windows.tga) looks sharp but the right (guild.tga) distorted. I saved them in same format
  5. Rommel

    Exp gauge

    Ehmm.. I guess your code is vertical, the basic SetPercentage is horizontal. Okay i solved it. Just change like this: self.expGauge[FullCount].SetRenderingRect(0.0, 0.0, Percentage, 0.0)
  6. How can i set horizontal exp gauge loading instead of vertical?
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