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  1. @TMP4 @Braxy I am aware of the legal issues and refund cases, I am currently working on another donation platform contacting several providers in order to reach a good solution. At the moment I can't give much information but as soon as I have enough information the project will be announced. All with the intention of being able to help communities with this online transaction problem they are currently facing.
  2. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello to all community members, Today (03/25/2021) I am pleased to announce the release of version 2 of episode 1 of the Zulu project: Episode 1 V2 - Metin2 PayPal Payment Gateway [M.P.P.G] This tool is still extremely easy to use and allows you to receive automatic donations through PayPal. Entering the user name and selecting the amount of "Coins" with their respective price would be more than enough. Admin Panel It also has an administrative panel with which you can manage the prices and coins to be delivered and review the logs of current donations with some useful statistics. Sumary This application has been rebuilt using PHP and the framework for it, Laravel. When entering an account it will verify that it exists within the server, if it does not exist then it will display a message alerting of this. For security reasons there is a limit of 40 attempts per minute. In the administrative panel there is also an account verification and an attempt limit, and in order to access the administrative account, it must have Lv 9 in the "web_admin" field in the account database, account table. The information of each purchase (log) and the prices as well as the coins to be awarded are stored in a local database in SQLite 3. The Laravel application has been modified to be used on any hosting server, shared or not, without any additional configuration. An .htaccess file has been added and modified to the root folder to prevent access to sensitive content/files. A documentation explaining the correct installation of the application has been created. As I said in the first version, I hope it will be useful to someone. It is a completely free project created to help server creators and encourage good feedback in the communities, we can all contribute a grain of sand and help each other more now in difficult times. If something is wrong, please let me know by any means of communication and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Special thanks to: .Seikatsu Swiss (Gloria-II) Kitzia SirJoker Kazui Morderek Akatsuki For their support in making this project a reality. I Love you guys! Link to Repository | Repository - Metin2 PayPal Payment Gateway [M.P.P.G] Link to Documentation | Fregion - Project Zulu | Documentation Download Link | Fregion - Project Zulu | Download Page Contact: Discord: Fregion#3615 E-Mail: [email protected]
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