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  1. I did set my external IP in the source, before I did that I could connect without getting disconnected but my friend couldn't. Also, if I use my external IP on root (serverinfo.py) I can't even log in, thus I use the virtual machine local IP with which I can log in but get kicked after selecting a character. I also did forward my ports from my router website. It also spams me with: after I changed desc_client.cpp to external ip
  2. Update: I followed the first guide again. Now my friend can join the server without hamachi but just using my external IP in root. Although an other issue appear, now I get kicked after selecting a character? can someone help me?
  3. Greetings everyone, I recently setup a server with hamachi and for testing proposes I want my friend to login and test stuff with me. He can log into his account but after he selects his character, he gets kicked out to the login screen. Here's what I tried: without any success. Can someone help me? Kind Regards
  4. Nice, thanks for the information. I appreciate it. Also, is there any way for me to check from the files what libs I have to install etc?
  5. That cleared lots of questions I have, thanks. Also, I do have extern folder, what am I supposed to do with it? What's its use?
  6. Cool, is GCC the only thing I need to compile source? If so, does the version matter?
  7. What do I need to install in my FreeBSD virtual machine in order to compile server source? (game, db & dep) Also, does it matter which version of FreeBSD I use or latest version is always the best?
  8. Greetings everyone, I just compiled my client but I do get this error, I used granny2 library. Anyone that got around this? Looking forward to any replies. Kind Regards.



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