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  1. You are pro ! Issue fixed thx #Close
  2. Guild window does not open , syserr :
  3. Update / Patch notes / 04 February 2021 5 New Animated wings ( 2 Donator ONLY and 3 FREE INGAME ) ( 1% Sunction bonus for both ) Wings can be dropped from King's Chest from bosses and metins on level 90 map ! --------------------------------------- Animated 3D Weapons - 5 Classes : Warrior , Shaman , Ninja , Sura , Lycan Animated 3D weapons + special weapon evolution +0 to +9 + effects for each upgrade. Can be dropped from Zodiac Chest! --------------------------------------- Runes +9 ( Powerful Bonuses ) ( Rune System ) Can be dropped from Azrael's Chest Nemere's Chest Razador's Chest -------
  4. Hey guys ! How can i change map1 with some new map WITHOUT having terrainmaps etc ? Because my client does not have TERRAINMAPS and almost every map requires it for it to work properly .
  5. I have in total 64 maps >> MAP INDEX i did not add them all on one core the problem is tho when i seperate them for example i put them on all 4 cores seperated and i put dungeons on CH 99 i get bugs / dungeons cannot be entered people get stuck on maps etc
  6. Patch notes 20.01.2021 Item-shop All itemshop items are now permanent New itemshop mounts - 20 + mounts been added Itemshop costumes - 20 + costumes/skins have been added New PACKS have been added - PVM pack - VIP pack - PVP pack( all items can be obtained for free in game ) Game Updates : Communcation between channels have been fixed , you can now communicate with people no matter which channel you are in ! Gaya rate changes - Gaya exchange rates are now 30% All gayashop / Anniversary shop items have been made permanent Boss drops / metin drops are now permanent. Client changes : New graphic
  7. Hey guys ! I am a server owner and i have a question , I have in total 64 maps , but per core the max map allowance is 32 My question is how can i put all maps on all cores so my players can communicate with each other no matter on which map/channel they are . I tried different methods like spread the maps in different cores but it still does not work for example players can communicate from ch6 map1 blue to ch1 map 1 blue but if they are in ch6 desert they cannot communicate with people from ch1 . And this is not only for desert ( desert is just an example ) Than
  8. Hello Everyone! Today i would like to present to you our new server: CrystaL II - PVM WORLD Max Level 120 - 10 Levels of Rebirth system [OPEN BETA] Opens officially on 30 December 2020 Below you can find a small preview of what you can see in- game We cannot add all of it since we have more then 30 bosses but here is a small part of it. The look of the presentation and the look of the game now is not how it will look after the release! Homepage Discord Presentation :



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