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  1. Version of Files : XXX Hi, Just downloaded the source code. I wonder whichc cpp module is responsible for creating the mobs and then locating them on map (number of mobs, vid etc.). Appreciate for help
  2. Variable is optimized away and not available this is the main problem
  3. Exception thrown at 0x1E0AF9E0 (python27.dll) in Soria2.pl.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000045. occurred
  4. This is my current code which works if the loop isn;t that long (max 10k) std::vector<int> mobList() { std::vector<int> list; PyObject* mod = PyObject_GetAttrString(PyImport_AddModule("player"), "GetCharacterDistance"); PyObject* mod2 = PyObject_GetAttrString(PyImport_AddModule("chr"), "GetInstanceType"); PyObject* args = PyTuple_New(1); std::vector<int> mobs; for (int i = 0; i < 100000; i++) { PyTuple_SetItem(args, 0, PyInt_FromLong(i)); PyObject* mob = PyObject_CallObject(mod, args); if (!mob) { Py_DECREF(m
  5. Version of Files : XXX Hey yo, I'm injecting python modules via c++ api and after executing it my games crashes (client shuts down). My VS uses python 2.7 libs int GetInstanceType(long vid) { PyObject* args = PyTuple_New(1); PyTuple_SetItem(args, 0, PyInt_FromLong(vid)); PyObject* ret = PyObject_Call(PyObject_GetAttrString(PyImport_ImportModule("chr"), "GetInstanceType"), args, NULL); int result = PyInt_AsLong(ret); Py_DECREF(ret); Py_XDECREF(args); return result; }
  6. Yeah I've been working in low memory since very beginning I know about python api from one guy and was curious how does it work. It contains many useful features like mentioned above, but unforunately I can't see any functions responisbile for sending attack packets ?
  7. I'm working on simple waithack. I've got written function to send battle packets to the given target (circled). I wanted to extend it to attack mobs around. I need now to run python api in my c++ code or either find address of GetCharacterDistance() n function and modify it to build mob list on c++ behalf.
  8. Cool thanks I need to find address of GetCharacterDistance() address as I wrote SendBattleAttackPacket type thing in c++. As far as I know python api doesn't have it.
  9. Ok I see now GetCharacterDistance() returns None if argument passed is not the visible vid. I should;ve figured it out. Thanks !
  10. Version of Files : XXX Hi, Is there any module in python's api responsible for mob list ? player.GetTargetVID returns id of circled monster. Is there any equaivalent of this what returns for example array/list of all mobs nearby ?
  11. Looks fine to me To make it working I need to inject it as the dll first hmm ?
  12. Version of Files : XXX Hi, I'm trying to call some api functions from player module, like character position. PyObject* obj = PyImport_ImportModule(const char *"player"); std::cout << obj.GetMainCharacterPosition() << std::endl; I would appreciate any hint to to call python api in C.
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