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  1. @Tatsumaruapparently the set is damaged, I have tried to download it by all means but this error always appears: https://gyazo.com/5e1d5fff3a1879bd040b7881e24e684f The error occurs when I open it with granny viewer, if I try to place it directly into the game it is not seen. The Shopping Fan has no problems
  2. You must make an invoice of the amount to be charged, you can write to support for a simple invoice template that you can fill out
  3. Thanks to Distraught for posting his code, it works perfect.
  4. Hi. A few weeks ago I was testing the inbuilt animation published by B4RC0D3 in this same forum, it caused me a lot of curiosity and I tried to adapt it for the sash system but I had no luck, I even tried to contact him to ask if he had managed to finish this part and there was no reply. My question is, is it possible to make weapons/sash have this inbuilt animation function and how difficult could it be to adapt it? Maybe a programming professional on this forum would like to give some clue as to how this could be possible. Original topic I mentioned:
  5. Solved, thanks to VegaS for their help. If anyone ever wants to do something similar, they could use something like this: for (int i = 0; i < 30; ++i) { if (dwEff == i) m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED + 110 + (dwEff * 4); } The code is adequate to what I have, so you should change the number 110 and * 4 depending on what you want to do Many thanks to the two people who responded, special thanks to Vegas.
  6. I currently have them like this: EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF1, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF1_LEFT, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_BOW_EFF1, //bow EFFECT_SWORD_EFF1, // sword, two hand EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF2, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF2_LEFT, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_BOW_EFF2, //bow EFFECT_SWORD_EFF2, // sword, two hand EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF3, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_EFF3_LEFT, //dagger, fan, bell EFFECT_BOW_EFF3, //bow
  7. Thanks for answering. What I am trying to do is replace this: if (dwEff == 1) m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_EFF1; else if (dwEff == 2) m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_EFF2; else if (dwEff == 3) m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_EFF3; else if (dwEff == 4) m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_EFF4; else if (dwEff == 5)
  8. Hello, I am trying to do the following: for (int i = 0; i < 30; ++i) { if (dwEff== i) { char szEff[256]; sprintf(szEff, "EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_EFF%d", i); m_swordRefineEffectRight = szEff; } } But when I compile I get the error that it couldn't convert char to uint32_t. How could I make this possible? Thank you
  9. char_battle.cpp search: if (GetDesc() != NULL) { ... } add: if (pkKiller && pkKiller->IsPC()) { if(IsPC()) { if (isDuel || isAgreedPVP) { pkKiller->ResetSkillCoolTimes(); } } No tested.
  10. It's a render target bug, go to EterLib/CRenderTarget.cpp and change RenderBackground Anyway, I advise you to go to the original post and look for some fixes found there
  11. Check that the files are in the correct path D:\ymir work\effect\mehok\eff_4.dds
  12. void CInstanceBase::SetSash(DWORD dwSash) OR void CInstanceBase::SetAcce(DWORD dwAcce)
  13. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I am looking for information on how to fix the annoying attack of layer4 that ch3hp created to attack servers, currently in the Hispanic community these attacks have been triggered by other children which has led to you having to pay "ch3hp" 300 euros by a firewall that claims to be the "savior". I am looking for someone who has information on how to stop these attacks, I am willing to pay as long as it is not ch3hp and a child who is dedicated to attacking. Thanks.
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