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  1. Thank you PS: I don't have to implement anything, I'm just creating a script in py for the game where I need to check if my character has a certain AFFECT active, and in that case execute other instructions I think I understand that AFFECTS can be identified through : chr.AFFECT_MOV_SPEED_POTION chr.AFFECT_STUN chr.AFFECT_SLOW chr.AFFECT_POISON ecc... I would need to check if the Reflect,Blessing and Dragon's Strength AFFECTS are active, but for the moment I tried with the potions speed effect I tried : import
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to know how AFFECTS works (the ones that appear at the top left of the client) http://grabilla.com/0b117-5324cabc-4002-4057-a6e1-43e4a0e9923b.png if they are identified based on an id, and especially if there is a command to check if a specific AFFECT is active thanks in advance, for not disturbing you too much, I just need a link or a code from which I can draw inspiration
  3. sorry I posted before trying yours, it was right to inform import player, net for i = 0 < 180: slot = player.GetItemIndex(i) if slot == 808: net.SendItemDropPacketNew(player.INVENTORY,slot, 200) Its correct for check in my inventory compesd by 180 slot ?
  4. can I ask you the python command to throw an item on the ground in a specific slot?
  5. Hi Finnis thanks first of all for replying, i know how check the exp of character but the thing i need to know is how to generate a constant check of it and how to auto fill the textbox and then press the ok button.
  6. Hi all, is possible do this process with python automatically every time the character have more than "x" EXP ? Thanks in advice !
  7. You have been received my reaction to this post to see the hidden content
  8. Hello guys, my name is Giuliano im from Italy and i have 23 yo !! I like metin so much also metin2 Official (i love pserver) and i want to learn python scripting about metin !!!! Byee !
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