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  1. Version of Files : XXX Hello, 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello. So, i have a gr2 to mash, i dont remember where i got it from, but when i try to put the mash in 3Ds i get the error you see in the picture and then 3ds is closing. I use Autodesk 3DS max 2011, i got it from here. I put a picture with the file type and with the error, i want to tell you i only get the error for some costumes. 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) - 3. How to reproduce it ? - 4. Screenshots ? https://i
  2. Hi everyone. So first i want to say sorry if i have some mistakes. So, when i put my .dds file in 3DS Max it decreases the quality. How can i resolve this? Here is the example: https://imgur.com/a/5TVcFbV
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