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  1. Hi Weed, First of all thanks for sharing that code. Then if I did it well, 275% critical would be: 275 = 5 + (275 - 10) /4 = 71,25% Could pls confirm that? Do you know guys examples of items / bonuses with that crit resistance in game? Best regards!
  2. Hello M2Dev I would like to know how critical and penetration works on skills. Is possible to get the 100% avg? At the moment Im playing in a pvp server and I use dragon shaman with full int/crit in my set, normal bonuses, 6/7 bonuses, alchemy, and food/potions. In this metin2 server, we have a panel where we can observe the % critical and penetration always. I play with 275% or 265% if I use christal power(10%) in bad order. When I fight with other ppl, I observe less critical skills than In my personal tests against secondary characters. Does penetration need more than 100% too in order to perform 100% real penetrate skills? Thanks, Sincerly,
  3. Yes, the issue was the letter of DVD rom thank u so much!!
  4. Hello everybody, I would like to explain you my problem and maybe someone knows how to fix this. I have this issue for 3-4 years in a few private servers but no in official, and I think this could be generated by a client version used in the pservers. When I login into the game it takes more time as usual, maybe 2 min to login and 1 min after select character. When I use mounts, the game freeze for 3 seconds. When I teleport betweet maps it takes more as usual too, maybe in official (GF) 10 seconds and 50 in pservers. In maps full of private server mobs It is impossible to farm/leveling cuz Im getting hanged every 5 seconds, Im moving with the mount and I see how the screen is stopping alltimes. When I use inventory and change among the pages, the game freezes too. In some maps, when I use portals I get totally frozen. At the moment, Im playing a private server calling Xaleas, but this issue is happening with other servers. Could this be an issue caused by incompatibility of OS? Here I attach a video where you can see the issue in this server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOj_uLla4DA&feature=youtu.be if anyone knows the reason would be great if can explain me how to fix, thank u in advance comunity! Regards.
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