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  1. Over the weeks i've learned basics of metin2 server development but still don't know which files should i use. i want to start from scratch because i want to improve myself and i'm doing this as a hobby. the files i've found up till now are mainline,mainline released, novaline etc. these are core files and client binary. thing is i don't have a specific server files structure or client structure in my mind. some say start with test client fur 40k and 34k untouched files but i don't know really. also 34k structure protos seemed faulty to me(+9 sword only possible to wear at 28 level etc.). plea
  2. so +9 sword has level requirement of 27... is this really untouched protos?
  3. why Outdoor and outdoorempirebattle1 not released? did they become obsolete or something?
  4. I'm using the tool from here: https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/20776-eterpack-archiver-packmakerlite/ Can I unpack official client's pack files correctly with this? Because when i tried to unpack metin2_patch_petmsm it yielded bunch of files with nothing in it. All of them was 0kb. My guess is we can't unpack some of the files but i'm not sure so i want to ask here. If so can you tell me which packs we can't unpack please?
  5. can someone reupload this? or point me out to a better version if exists?
  6. a couple days ago i started my journey to metin2 development so i'm fairly newbie and don't know which client i should use. i've successfully compiled novaline client and now don't really know what it did honestly... aside that i'm using mainline server files + 34k untouched files coupled with germany quests locale and at this point don't know what to do about client ?
  7. what about notepad++ compare plugin? is there any advantages over it? oh so it compares included things rather than file exactly itself. this might be harmful depending on situations though. still a useful tool thx
  8. inscarnium_db or db from here or db from here can anyone recommend one of them? it seems last one is the slightly modified version of the 2nd one so i'm not sure. thanks in advance
  9. do you guys recommend inscarnium_db.tgz as a base db? or should i use another one?
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