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  1. As far as I know there are two ways to create a wait hack: 1) Exploiting the too high defined range, in which a attack packet is accepted (300 for damage, 5000 for pulling) (Widely known as "wait Hack") 2) Sending Move Packets to "teleport" to the monster (you wont see that in your client) and after that sending a attack packet. (Widely known as "range wait hack") How ever, If both ways are blocked serverside, they obv. won't work. You could (If you coded the cheat on your own) play arround with the attack range, move range and packet count to find out which
  2. Original Archive (with password from start post): https://mega.nz/#!VCp3RLBb!iu_ZLasFkk8uDVcfEdAHfBx_vqDy9g7WMlMGIM39HCg
  3. Install VS 2008, then VS 2013 can use that toolset too.
  4. Dunno If it's allowed to post links to other Boards Just type this in Google (with "): "OnRunMouseWheelEvent" Metin2
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