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  1. Hi guys i have a problem, wanted to give few bonuses to baked fishes so if u eat them you get letst say 2% crit chance type is 3 subtype is 7 value0="15" value1="600" value2="2" i added bonuses to item_proto.cpp https://pastebin.com/vhHqAcR7 but it is still not working, can i get some help? have no ideas where is problem
  2. Hi guys in mysql > account we have something like this: gold_expire silver_expire safebox_expire autoloot_expire fish_mind_expire marriage_fast_expire money_drop_rate_expire none of this gives thief gloves bonus, but on many server you can buy VIP pack, and you recieve thief glove. I know that we have items like: 71015 71016 71017 which are activated in left corner but im wondering is it possible to add something like item_drop_rate_expire into tabble account and add bonuses like drop rate? Can somewon help me create something like this?
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