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  1. Hello. I have one problem, which I just noticed. In Character selection the level indicator is incorrect. Max level 250, but shows 44. Which file is responsible for it? i think db source, but I don't know which one is wrong. Thanks for the tips and if there is a solution for it too!
  2. Hello m2dev! how can you do it to add a bonus to costumes? (1-5) thank you in advance for your help!
  3. i solved. was in PythonApplication.cpp
  4. i use notepad. Have no idea where to look for the bug? thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello m2dev! I have a one problem. i have a mistake, just don't know where. It is the Acce/Sash system. The problem is ,that is some icons not visible. None of the weapons,and some hair. where am I looking for the bug? I'm looking for it, but I don't know what it belongs to. syserr is nowhere to be found thanks for all the help npc shop:
  6. tututu

    Insult *

    Thanks for the help!
  7. tututu

    Insult *

    so no one knows where it can be?
  8. tututu

    Insult *

    I don't mean words, the stars he writes. I want to change the stars. for example : now: "shit" = **** after: "shit" = This is a fun game, I recommend it to everyone!
  9. tututu

    Insult *

    Hello m2dev. I would be interested,where can it be found the insult.txt what you write. ( swear= ******) I want to change the ****** one sentence.
  10. Hello. I installed the special effect system, there are 2 bugs, idk what. syserr is nowhere to be found. where do i look for a bug? 1.item(effect) does nothing when i click on it, cannot be pick up. 2.the character is transparent .where can the error be? binary or server? system:
  11. Hi all, sorry for many topics. S.O.S looking for someone, who understands Python and SRC. Should install a system (public). I tried, but it's wrong. We would pay for it. Thanks!
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