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  1. Since when Metin2 is coded in Borland Delphi? Because your file is coded in it, which means its likely just a stub. Since when Metin2 binaries have EOF? Because your file has. Why does the binary have assembly info from Phoenix Keylogger? ("crack by retrix")
  2. Absolutely recommended! We know each other for years now, he is a professional developer, and a really trustful person. I was testing his anti-cheat system, and it's insanely good - stable, doesn't eat resources like crazy, and you can count on it in every way.
  3. Wtf? Why would you need to do that? Just change the keys in your binary and your packer, build your binary, repack your data files and you are fine. No need to change every time you compile.
  4. Weeeell, unfortunately that's kind of right. Anyway, here's how to do it, enabling/disabling it from the configuration file is easy to do, if someone wanna implement it, here it is.
  5. ReadProcessMemory WriteProcessMemory You could try to hook them and play around, there are several sources available how to do it.
  6. It's relatively easy to block lalaker's cheat to be honest, he is mostly using rpm/wpm. You will likely have to get some thirdparty products, though.
  7. Actually, the 10 seconds wait time is just simply kind of annoying, but nothing else. I mean, what if the player crashes, the player's PC crashes, the player's internet cuts off, etc..? The server won't save its data? It should. My guess would be your first thought, corrupt MySQL tables, or something else in the background, but definitely not connected to the in-game "Exit game" option.
  8. I'm looking into these issues, and will try to make a patch, of course I will update the main post if I succeed. I've also experienced the double-sound steps, couldn't find a fix to it yet. Also, I didn't test the character skills yet, so I can't confirm that yet, but I'm pretty sure it can be fixed if that's really present. In the meantime, if any of you can fix these problems, don't hesitate to write a post about it, I'll put that into the main post as well. Thanks in advance for your contribution!
  9. Whoops, sorry, you were right, that was a typo in the guide. Actually, you have to find Timer.cpp in the Eterbase library, not the EterBase.cpp. Fixed the guide already.
  10. Use the file search on Windows, I'm pretty sure you have it. Btw, take a look on the bool CPythonSystem::LoadConfig() function in UserInterface\PythonSystem.cpp. It's pretty easy to make an FPS cap, just read the value of the key from the config file, and convert it to float via the atof() function. Example: else if (!stricmp(command, "FPS_LIMIT")) g_fGameFPS = atof(value);
  11. Well, the client now eats more CPU and GPU, maybe that's the reason. You might need to set an FPS cap via the config file, so the 250 FPS is available, but only for those who actually want it.
  12. Upload your modified interfacemodule.py to pastebin, otherwise we can't help.
  13. That's definitely an option, anyway, there will be no consequences if a user doesn't reach the maximum FPS. It's just a maximum value. Being able to set the maximum FPS via config, so the VGA won't work too much (rofl), would be a good addition, though.
  14. That's a pretty neat practice, thanks for the heads-up!
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