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  1. The window of this system will appear randomly when the player farms, fishes or mines generating a 5-digit code. - The player has to enter these 5 digits correctly within 15 seconds; - If the inserted pin is wrong, the system will generate a new code offering the possibility to enter the new code; - There is a limit of 5 attempts to enter the correct pin; - If the player fails to do so, the system will send a warning and disconnect the player; - At three such warnings the player is penalized, being forced to wait 3 hours before he can log in again on that account; - If the pin is n
  2. PvM and PvP weapon and armour set (Void - PvM / Ghoul - PvP)
  3. Greetings, I want to thank you for this resource. I really like this NPC and I want to add here the archive with the missing files (.msa, .msm, motlist.txt) Download VirusTotal Kind regards, Daniel
  4. Greetings, the costumes are not made by me, they're brought to Metin2 from Vindictus. I have only made the alpha channel. Kind regards, Daniel
  5. Q. How can I obtain costumes in game? A. An NPC can be found in (almost) every map/dungeon which will allow the craft of a certain costume/hairstyle/weapon skin. PS The video above is just an example, the requested items for crafting the samurai costume will be changed.
  6. A new map was added "Nature's Element | The land of the Earth" for level between 95 and 105. Mention: This map and the monsters, NPCs, stones were created by Plechito.
  7. The links have been replaced with new ones. The new archive contains the icons and the missing dds. Dark Knight Complete Set VirusTotal
  8. Search for if self.firstSlotIndex in self.cubeMaterialInfos: in uicube.py (def Refresh) and replace for i in xrange(self.RESULT_SLOT_COUNT): with this if (len(self.cubeMaterialInfos) > self.RESULT_SLOT_COUNT): slots = self.RESULT_SLOT_COUNT else: slots = len(self.cubeMaterialInfos) for i in xrange(slots): Just in case somebody still needs it, it can also apply for those who want to display more than just 3 rows in the refine window.
  9. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) I thought to post this old set but with alpha channel done. Maybe someone will use it. I want to mention that the granny version is 2.11.8. Download: Link 1 Scan: VirusTotal
  10. Website Discord Few information about the project, it can be defined as an Hard PvM, the gameplay is classic combined with useful systems. The tradehouse system to facilitate trade on the server, the sale of objects can be done through: Sephira Coins, a special coin that can be obtained in the game, at certain bosses with a rather low rate or from the website; Yang, this is the currency of the game; Exchange of objects, available both in the tradehouse and in the classic trade. In exchange for the sold object, an object with def
  11. Hi, thank you so much for this trade house, I will use it on my server. I have two warnings, the first one is generated by this part of the code: self.QuestCMD("trade.ClearAllArraySell") from igshop.py file (def Close(self)) and I had to comment this for now, the error is: 1. QUEST There's suspended quest state, can't run new quest state -- Sysser Server And I have a second error, this one is generated after the second login (first login I have to open TradeHouse and close it, after that I can log out of the game) 2. Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 66 (fd 20) --
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