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  1. Dosyaların Sürümü : XXX I am getting an error like this, what's the solution?
  2. I noticed this after I opened the subject. this event lowered my motivation XD
  3. Actually, I haven't tested it myself, I just heard from a few (supposedly good) forums. In general, I did not edit any source files from scratch. I have low knowledge about this. I will use the game source file mainline on your recommendation. What would you suggest to use as a client?
  4. I know that many problems have been closed in novaline. I'm undecided now :////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  5. Hello novaline source installed i get an error when compiling what is the solution linking ../game_r40020.... /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lthecore
  6. 0503 15: 01: 14758 :: CMapOutdoor :: Yük - LoadMonsterAreaInfo HATA 0503 15:01:14758 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0503 15:01:28606 :: Exception 0503 15:01:28606 :: AttributeError 0503 15:01:28606 :: : 0503 15:01:28606 :: "'AttachMetinDialog' object has no attribute 'hWnd'" 0503 15:01:28606 :: in 0503 15:01:28606 :: <bound method AttachMetinDialog.__del__ of <uiAttachMetin.AttachMetinDialog object at 0x05407D30>> 0503 15:01:28606 :: ignored 0503 15:01:28606 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0503 15
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. I'm looking for a more nostalgic offline shop system I'm looking for something more like this thanks i will look
  8. Hello, is there any offline shop you can recommend?
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