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  1. up c mon i am asking for a replacement trick please
  2. please can someone be so insane nice to help me replacing with this EXCEL magic trick please?
  3. for exemple: 1 15 0.16 장검+1 2500 1 15 0.208 장검+1 1923 1 15 0.24 장검+1 1667 1 15 0.4 장검+1 1000 how can i directly change 장검+1 with 11 (which is sword basic +1) please help me. i do NOT want to change manually 1 by 1 every single korean name with its respective vnum numerical
  4. Please contact me in PM, with your Skype i am looking for a professional almost always online Developer capable to use c++ and source to make systems like multi language , offlineshop and more source\client changes. (i am planning to make a huge project so i know that some systems may be lot expensive and it is totally fine for me) payment anticipate , paypal or whatever you want.
  5. Hello i am asking help because long time ago a friend with 1 click replaced every single KOREAN IDEOGRAMS with theyr respective numbers like this exemple: inside the item proto we have colums , and with every korean words we do have its value in number but in other files we only have korean words like in common drop item... i'd like to instantly replace those korean words with theyr respective value . (to help me inside common drop item.txt etcetc...) 단두도+0 ----> 3000 단두도+1 ----> 3001 단두도+2 ----> 3002 단두도+3 ----> 3003 you can understand that this me
  6. I ask apologize due to my lack of knowledge i tried my best with the tools provided by this forum, but i failed trying to get from : -new client GF 2018 : mob_names.txt \ protos . item_names.txt \ protos this problem is quite boring because almost every year GF upgrades his protos with new stuff, and my older tools wont be able to afford the extraction can someone be so nice to share with me the way to extract the 2017\2018 GF protos? please.
  7. Italiano - Emillia Romagna Non sono un perditempo, soldi pronti per essere spediti con postepay. Contattato in privato su metin2dev e contattato su skype ( Sammy Go \ Shamsara Speciale ) [Già aggiunto su skype, stesso profilo immagine, stesso messaggio di testo] . Asking sorry for writing in italian, but martysama is italian and i wanted to prioritize my message and let him accept on his skype as fast as possible. Apologize for breaking some language rule on this forum. (btw i just wrote above : "add me on skype" in italian... )
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