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  1. UP Changes: -Level 70 armours and 65 weapons drop from level 75/80/85/90 metins. -Biologist quests up to level 90.(waiting time can be reset) -Moonlight ang hexagonal drop always on.
  2. New video presenting shops and craftable items
  3. Site: http://m2k-metin2.online/ Download beta client: Download - MEGA Discord : https://discord.gg/Rf9gRhxQ Server language: ENG Server type: PVM EASY/MEDIUM Shops and crafting video: https://youtu.be/cyUXqGsj-EI Every boss drops a chest. DROPS: -Level 30 weapons drop from bestial monsters chest. -Level 65 weapons and higher level accs, shield, armours drop in sd3 / v3 / v4. -Level 70 armours drop from Death Reaper and General/Captain Yonghan. -+4/+5 (only at the v4 witch) stones drop at the witches in v3/v4. For now there is content up to level 100. WIP description.
  4. what do i need to change to use item / mod proto sql instead of txt?
  5. Hello, as the title says i want to get rid of season1 file. My question is in what part of the client should i put the following: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello i'm having some problems with the mounts. Video: Quest: [Hidden Content] 2089M Daroo Files.
  7. thx for answers the problem was that i packed the map in season2
  8. it's not on that list folder? where would that one be? [Hidden Content]

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