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  1. thx for answers the problem was that i packed the map in season2
  2. it's not on that list folder? where would that one be? https://ibb.co/gdWpP65
  3. hi i'm looking for dragin lair map client side, mine is bugged
  4. So i implemented the naaga map posted on this site and i can't make the large map to show. I guess i must be missing something. The image and the atlas.sub are set.
  5. thanks, but i'm using 2011 files maybe if i change the vnum and delete the default ones
  6. Version of Files : XXX Hello, I have a little question. How do i remove the stones from droping when killing metin stones? From what i know there's no such drop set. Thanks.
  7. Hello, it's there a way to make ruby, garnet... accesories accept ores on them with game 2089?
  8. https://mega.nz/#!5RZ1QSpS!QAVpFGfALBcA2hl6h0LWp55CROCs9Yv_0_kV7yg-DT4
  9. Hello, looking for this client: Metin2US_v1024.zip
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