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  1. pyrun_simplestringflags is never used by game
  2. here is m2bob dump : https://www104.zippyshare.com/v/3RRtURPe/file.html as i see they load python everytime they want to use feature like expbot etc thats why dump is 4mb and looks like this : probably thats why m2bob crashs after 20-40 minutes XD
  3. so you need to find method what cheat are using then hook it in my source you have example
  4. Author : KoMaR1911 Github + source code : https://github.com/KoMaR1911/Metin2-PyRun_SimpleStringFlags-DUMPER How to use?: 1. Inject PyRunSimpleStringFlagsDumperMetin2.dll to metin2 game process using Xenos Injector / Extreme Injector 2. Inject cheat to game 3. go to C:/dump.txt here is dumped python loaded by PyRun_SimpleStringFlags Download : https://github.com/KoMaR1911/Metin2-PyRun_SimpleStringFlags-DUMPER/releases/download/1.0/PyRunSimpleStringFlagsDumperMetin2.dll
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