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  1. smaller* not "more small". a Very useful add, especially for the Pvp servers. Kind regards.
  2. Very Nice work! thanks for sharing! btw I took some screenshots that I'll use in my designs ^^".
  3. Thank you! I'll try and give you a feedback.
  4. I hoped to see an answer :"D. I dont know what my nationality has to do with the subject, but no, I'm not Italian.
  5. Hey guys, how are you doing? I have a simple question about guild wars. Normally, the winner would take points, and the loser would lose points. I want to change this and make the winner take points, but the loser would take points but less! or at least doesnt lose points. If someone have some knowledge I will be thankful.
  6. Thanks for sharing, a very good-looking design u have :)! Shamefull that they didnt pay you.
  7. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED, and I don't know how. What I did was 1. Made a new map and transferred the textureset + files from old to new one. 2. made a new "server_trr" 3. added the map with new number etc.. to be closed and thanks to everyone tried to help.
  8. nothing in those too unfortunately. I can provide you with the map that I made and you can try to add it your server? I'd be gratefull.
  9. So.. someone told me that the syserr is about the source and have nothing to do with the new map! I dont think the syserr is useful.
  10. thanks for responding. this is the lines that comes in the syserr when It kicks me 0915 16:47:01023 :: Unknown Server Command xmas_snow 1 | xmas_snow 0915 16:47:01023 :: Unknown Server Command xmas_boom 2 | xmas_boom I dont have any xmas trees of NPCs in the map!
  11. Hey guys, hope u're doin fine! I have a problem with a newly added map.. It kicks me out after 1-2 min in the map, I dont really know why? Thanks in advance!
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