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  1. good @VegaS™ @VegasForPresident @Helia01 nice work!! @Syriza bae
  2. Change the quest flag and the npc lol ffs
  3. He won't tell you, thats how this community works.
  4. Hey Galet, no i'm talking about a official bonus. I'm currently working on these new bonuses from the official Servers im trying to reduce a cooldown depending on the value in equipment. Example: Player changing attribute of item, and he got: POINT_SKILL_BIPABU_NEXT_COOLTIME_DECREASE_10PER == 3 in his Item, then the Skill's cooldown should reduce by 3 Seconds. Edit: sorry i misunderstood @Galet thats exactly what i want.. but only with a certain skill depending on bonus. This POINT_SKILL_BIPABU_NEXT_COOLTIME_DECREASE_10PER is only for one certain skill in this case (91)
  5. Now i find the correct function.. But can someone tell me what's wrong with this: DWORD CPythonSkill::SSkillData::GetSkillCoolTime(float fSkillPoint) { if (strCoolTimeFormula.empty()) return 0; CPoly poly; poly.SetStr(strCoolTimeFormula.c_str()); TPacketGCPointChange PointChange; if (PointChange.Type == POINT_SKILL_BIPABU_NEXT_COOLTIME_DECREASE_10PER) { return DWORD(ProcessFormula(&poly, fSkillPoint) - 3); //NotemeCoolDown } else { return DWORD(ProcessFormula(&poly, fSkillPoint)); //NotemeCoolDown } } It doesnt work.. it tell me: The Varia
  6. Hey guys.. I want to reduce the cool down from a skill depending on how much the player has a certain bonus. for example: The value of the bonus in player's equipment is 7 total, then the skill's cool down should reduce to 7 seconds. can somebody help me please? i already took a look at pythonskill.cpp but i don't find anything Server Source Side i've already done it, but i need to do same in binary.. otherwise i cant use the skill.
  7. nothing to do with "kissing ass" he is one of the only person who helped me uncountable times, im just thankful. ?
  8. Of course he is a god ?? @topic useful, thank you ?
  9. @VegaS™ oh I see you added the c++ version thanks sensei but how can i use it ?
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