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  1. Hi there! I have a problem with taskbar and inventory window. I would like to change the appearance of skills on circular. And the second problem is golden border lines. Look at the picture:
  2. I rebooted server and skill was start working ! But.. this skill doesn`t deal damage. What can i do ?
  3. Folder was added to serverside. Server was restarted and still nothing.. >.<
  4. Yes, Of course. In my (Polish) client there is: ...pack\Monster\ymir work\monster\mob75 I have folder with skill effects for this mob. it looks like this: Naturally i tried changes file path and i pasted this file on good path and all looks like good. I added another mob the same way and his skills work correctly and I did not add entries to skill_proto. Thanks for your answers ! I aprreciate
  5. Which one record on skills ? Could you explain ? Folder was added earlier. Look:
  6. Hi ! I was add new mob on my server, but he doesn`t use spells. He can only use basic attack for player. File path was checked on .msa files, and i was paste folder monster in folder effect. I don`t know where the problem is. Look at this: And this (motlist): Sorry for weak English, i`m from Poland. Best regards !
  7. Hi ! I was create my first map for my private metin2 server. All working as well but.. when i`m logged in to the server, map doesn`t have tree`s, grass and flowers. I tried copy objects files to property folder, but when i was logged in to server i haven`t objects.. buildings and other, but i have tree`s, grass and flowers. What`s wrong ? PS. Sorry for my weak english. I`m from Poland
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