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  1. OMG I TRY THIS DONT WORK INTELIGENT What file, the uiinventory and inventory windows.py are ok but still 0 yang WHat file should i compare In source are over 100 files Thats the problem I cant find anything caz i dont know where is the problem
  2. what do you mean? I have def RefreshStatus(self): money = player.GetElk() self.wndMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(money))
  3. they exist... I think is from source or I don't know
  4. Hi, I want remove sermaya(gaya) system for monetary yang tab And put the slot back in Invetory where it was normally. So I remove it from where it was in client root/uitaskbar.py and locale/taskbar.py, and I put the tab where must be normally in inventory in: root/uiinventory.py and locale/inventorywindow.py, BUT NOW IT SHOWS ME 0 YANG and I have 14kk Yang in inventory but still shows me 0 Yang.... And yes the yang limit is taken, max yang is 9.9kkkkk But I don't know exacly why and where to modify to show me the yang... Strange caz in pickm
  5. Hello, I have an issue with yang, as i said in title tha yang does not show in inventory, But before you must know that i made som changes before it was show, So first i used pandora svf and it was haved gaya system : And as u can see i have yang limit solved so max is 9,9kkkkk And now i removed the system from client from locale/invtorywindow.py and root/uiinvetory.py the yang tab. And i put the slot back, where it was normal before... but it show me 0 yang... Some ppl says that problem is from uiinventory.py , this is my uiinventory if u wanna che
  6. I offer 5 euro for who helps me to solve this little problem
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