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  1. OMG I TRY THIS DONT WORK INTELIGENT What file, the uiinventory and inventory windows.py are ok but still 0 yang WHat file should i compare In source are over 100 files Thats the problem I cant find anything caz i dont know where is the problem
  2. what do you mean? I have def RefreshStatus(self): money = player.GetElk() self.wndMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(money))
  3. they exist... I think is from source or I don't know
  4. Hi, I want remove sermaya(gaya) system for monetary yang tab And put the slot back in Invetory where it was normally. So I remove it from where it was in client root/uitaskbar.py and locale/taskbar.py, and I put the tab where must be normally in inventory in: root/uiinventory.py and locale/inventorywindow.py, BUT NOW IT SHOWS ME 0 YANG and I have 14kk Yang in inventory but still shows me 0 Yang.... And yes the yang limit is taken, max yang is 9.9kkkkk But I don't know exacly why and where to modify to show me the yang... Strange caz in pickmoneydoalog show me the yang even if it max 9.9kkkk it show me in this dialog, but NOT in the Inventory slot no... I only modify the locale and root from client , but I suppose should I modify in source the of server game or binary or where?? I search in the source for a #ifdef for money and the only one I see is #ifdef FULL_YANG and long long , but i dont know what to modify or where..... Please tell me where and what should I modify, in order to show me the yang in inventory, Thanks
  5. Hello, I have an issue with yang, as i said in title tha yang does not show in inventory, But before you must know that i made som changes before it was show, So first i used pandora svf and it was haved gaya system : And as u can see i have yang limit solved so max is 9,9kkkkk And now i removed the system from client from locale/invtorywindow.py and root/uiinvetory.py the yang tab. And i put the slot back, where it was normal before... but it show me 0 yang... Some ppl says that problem is from uiinventory.py , this is my uiinventory if u wanna check it but it seems all good My uiinventory.py And one think to say it show me in the dtop yang box the yang But not in the normal slot.... and i dont know why and where to look to make it show I need help if you know any sugestions pls thx.
  6. I offer 5 euro for who helps me to solve this little problem
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